The Polar A370 Does Everything I Want it to Do—and More

by On Sep 29, 2017

I tried to unearth negative things to comment upon after acquiring the Polar A370, but despite expending time and energy, I'm afraid I failed.

The Polar A370 Does Everything I Want it to Do—and More

As someone who has come to depend upon my electronics more than I like to admit, when a new product appears on my radar, my heart skips a beat. Gotta try it, I think. Can't wait to see if it outperforms my current device.

I'm intrigued. Fascinated. And impetuous. Thankfully, I'm in a position to satisfy my hunger for new products, which is how the new Polar A370 fitness tracker landed on my wrist.

Yes, I admit I depend on my devices

According to The Technologist, running "is one of the fastest growing sports in the world."

In economic terms, European runners alone spend “nearly €10 billion a year on shoes, clothes and related technology” in an effort to improve their performance and those devices make up a huge portion of those sales, especially in Asia where the running culture is so vibrant.

Today's niche market of athletic trackers increasingly substitutes the coaches many runners can't afford, and since Polar is on the leading edge of device development, I was eager to see if what reviewers said about the sleek black A370 I acquired as soon as it hit the market was true.

The Polar A370 Does Everything I Want it to Do—and More

Runner's Boon

  1. The Activity Guide feature motivates and reports so I know how active I've been, but the A370 goes the next step: It delivers practical tips to push me toward higher performance levels.
  2. This Polar comes with an Activity Benefit feature that informs me about lifestyle choices that can boost my well-being and health.
  3. Calories? I can keep tabs on how many calories I burn down to the last bite of my fav indulgence: Baileys Tiramisu Mille Crepes served at Udders in Bukit Timah.
  4. Yes, the H10 Heart Rate Sensor allows me to use the Fitness Test feature to assess my aerobic fitness levels in only 5 minutes. Without this sensor, I can still take advantage of 24/7 heart rate monitoring.
  5. The Sleep Plus feature monitors the quality of my slumber patterns to make sure I get proper rest.
  6. My fav feature: the virtual trainer stuffed into my A370. There may as well be one in there because I get accurate progress reports after every workout!
  7. The Running Program allows me to set my device for an upcoming marathon so my A370 can come up with a training plan customised just for that distance.

The Polar A370 Does Everything I Want it to Do—and More

Runner's Bane

  1. Syncing that H10 heart sensor can be tricky; you may have to disable your phone's Bluetooth to connect.
  2. If you like to keep your device screen turned on during workouts, expect battery drain. I charge every 3 days (at least) to avoid frustration.
  3. Don't ignore the size chart before you buy because you could be in for a wrist fit surprise if you don't.
  4. A friend told me his Polar A370 only wakes him up 2 out of 3 mornings. Fortunately, I haven't experienced this issue.
  5. The price tag on the A370 could elevate your cardiac rhythm, giving you the perfect opportunity to test out that heart rate monitoring feature!
  6. Polar brought out the 370 while the 360 remains on the market at a similar price. Make sure you order the right model.
  7. Given the rate at which new devices are developed (Eindhoven University of Technology professor Steven Vos reports that runners grow so dependent upon them, they can't run without them!), new Polar models will come along in the near future.

The Polar A370 Does Everything I Want it to Do—and More

What's my assessment?

After putting up with glitches courtesy of the earlier Polar A360, I found this device to be exactly what I had hoped for when I had the earlier version. In fact, the brand lives up to its reputation big time with this model so I'm happy to say that (for the first time) I don't have a single complaint.

Would the introduction of an A380 tempt me? Of course. I'm unashamedly addicted to technology and would happily hand over my credit card to gain the assistance of “my wrist coach” so I don't have to rely upon a human to correct my mistakes and counsel me on ways I can improve.

Does this mean I've become a running hermit? Hardly. I've built quite a circle of running friends who are also passionate about their electronic devices, and I'm pretty sure I've sold at least one of them on the benefits of getting an A370. I guess you could say that Polar has an unpaid sales associate in me!

How often do you take advice about running gear? Do you only follow up if you're looking for something specific or are you always ready to check out something new?

The Polar A370 is available in white or black colour, Medium/Large, Small size for S$299 at the official online store. Order Polar A370 between 4 September and 12 November 2017 and get a free extra wristband in the color of your choice.

As someone who adores technology and sports, Xu Ding started running the same time he started writing codes. He realised that running is a good sport to clear his thoughts whenever he hit the wall during programming. He believes that running is just like coding, it never gets easier, you just get better.

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