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10 Things Running and Sex Have in Common

by On Aug 26, 2015
10 Things Running and Sex Have in Common

Are you feeling sexy this month? Have you heard of International Sex Day? It's basically is a day that encourages people to have sex, of course it has to be consensual and safe. The holiday that's supposedly originally thought up by a Canadian falls on 21 August.

When your mum or dad sat you down to have "the talk" about sex, they were probably as embarrassed as you were! But times change and discussing sex is no big deal anymore. You see it on TV. You read about it in the news. And of course, it's a hot topic of social conversation. But have you ever considered the fact that sex has much in common with your favourite pastime, running? It's true. We've found 10 reasons sex and running are perfectly symbiotic, so if you've been looking for an excuse to run all day and have sex all night, this is your chance to indulge in more of both!

1. Both Require Passion.

Committing to a healthy dose of sex and running throughout your life are grand ways to help yourself live to a ripe old age with a smile on your face because, as you know, being passionate makes life worth living on so many levels.

2. Both Lift Spirits.

You simply can't stay in a bad mood after a rigorous run along a scenic route or an equally rigorous time of it under the sheets. Even awful moods are improved—and it doesn't matter how long you do either to get results!

3. Both Help Your Heart.

Whether you are limited to a short exercise and sex experience or you have been known to set records doing both, getting your heart rate up in both cases can keep your cardio-vascular system toned and healthy for years to come.

10 Things Running and Sex Have in Common

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4. Both Make You Feel Loved.

Your running club and/or running buddies provide a loving support group born of a common interest. Alternatively, nothing makes a man or woman feel more loved than the warmth and tenderness expressed when engaging in lovemaking.

5. Both Cost Nothing!

Whether you run at a local park or open track, it costs nothing to get all of the exercise you desire in Singapore where running routes are plentiful. We won't get into the seamy side of sex by mentioning money, so let's just say that being in love and showing that love is free!

6. Both Leave You in a Sweat.

That's a good thing. Whether you sweat up your favourite running singlet or the sheets, in the end, you'll need hydration—and when you imbibe, don't forget to toast to these two amazing pleasures!

10 Things Running and Sex Have in Common

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7. Both Require Practice.

Of course human beings are biologically programmed to have sex and to run, but there are good and bad versions of both. Didn't your dad tell you that "practice makes perfect"? And unlike that cello or piano, nobody will have to force you to practice either.

8. Both Can Be Enjoyed Solo.

On the other hand, both can also be done in a group setting, though having sex with your beau in the company of others isn't for everyone. Neither sex nor running is much fun when you're alone, but that doesn't mean you can't do it.

9. Both Leave You Feeling Rejuvenated.

The release that comes from endorphins as you undertake a great run and the release you feel after experiencing a great orgasm are divine. Both have residual effects, so the glow lasts.

10 Things Running and Sex Have in Common

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10. Both Can Consume Your Thoughts.

Do you think about sex 24/7? Do you obsess about running nearly as much? Welcome to the human condition. Pleasurable activities like running and sex offer fabulous rewards, so there's nothing wrong with having both topics on your mind constantly—unless either turns into an obsession.

More Coming Up

We know what you might be thinking, that's all? We bet that you can come up a dozen more commodity between sex and running. Stay with us as we reveal another 10 more things that sex and running have in common tomorrow.

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