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Do You Have Runners’ Insurance in Singapore?

by On Mar 21, 2015
Do You Have Runners' Insurance in Singapore?

Buying an insurance may seem distant to runners because they are always fit, healthy and make considerably few trips to the doctors. However, with the rise of popularity in running, so are the numbers of running-related injuries and accidents. While most insurance policy are created for professional runners, we realise more people are determined to be runners as is evident with the numerous marathon events and races in Singapore.

Through research done by the British Journal Of Sports Medicine, it was discovered that rates of injury occurrence in distance runners is at a high of 79 percent compared to short distance runners. The risk of getting injured should then be a factor of consideration done by the marathoner rather than the insurance company.

Do You Have Runners' Insurance in Singapore?

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We have created a list of some insurance providers in Singapore that has designed plans useful to runners in case you need additional coverage.

Insurance Providers with Sports Injury Plans


One of the largest insurance firms in Singapore. The personal accident cover ensures, as their client, that your hospital fees are covered and that you get the required medical treatment, and, in the case that your accident leads to the loss of income, they make sure you have a fall back plan.

Type of Plans: Their solution to personal accident cover is divided into four main categories. Under which, leisure sports cover is broken down into three categories: SmartCare Prime, SmartCare Shield, and SmartCare theOne.

What it covers: The only sports that it covers are running, walking or jogging on foot.


AIA offers a range of products and services including accident and health insurance plans. If you could insure your home, then why not insure your biggest asset, which is your own ability to earn an income?

Type of Plans: AIA Personal Accident for Life, AIA Platinum AccidentCare, AIA Prime Assured, AIA Solitaire Personal Accident

What it covers: In the event of injury, you will be reimbursed for medical expenses incurred within one year from the date of the accident. You may also receive reimbursement for treatment in Singapore by a registered Chinese Bonesetter, Acupuncturist or Chiropractor.

Great Eastern

Based in Singapore, Great Eastern Life Assurance is the oldest insurance company in Asia and is the largest life insurance company in Singapore and Malaysia.

Type of Plans: AccidentCare Plus II, Essential Protector Plus, Prestige PACare

What it covers: AccidentCare Plus II is a flexible accident plan that allows you to change your coverage according to your preference and lifestyle. They have a special offer where ladies would get bonus 20 percent coverage of the selected package. This is ideal for marathoners, especially amateurs as most companies don't offer this package. Other add-on benefits include reimbursement for medical expenses incurred on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and chiropractor treatments.


This insurance company strongly believes that treatment and healthcare costs are going to rise in the near future. This company offers a relatively broad list of benefits which include: insurance for your business, your investments, your legacy, plan for retirement and finally you and your family.

Type of Plans: mPal

What it covers: Reimbursement of medical treatments by registered Chinese physicians and chiropractors.


This is the first life insurer based in Singapore to be named Asia's Life Insurance Company of the year back in 2000. They have been catering to both the financial and protection needs of Singaporeans for the past 80 years.

Type of Plans: PRUfracture care

What it covers: PRUfracture care covers fractures, burns and dislocations in event of accidental injury sustained while involved in high risk activities like scuba diving, rock climbing, wake-boarding and other activities.

NTUC Income

NTUC Income was established in 1970 to provide affordable insurance for workers in Singapore.

Name of plan: Student Sports Injury Plan

What it covers: Under their life insurance package, they offer a variety of services that positively affect runners, both professional and amateur. They also offer a student's sports injury plan. They strongly believe a proper education extends beyond the walls of a lecture room. With schools emphasizing the importance of sports activities, there is an urgent need for greater protection. The plan must be taken up on compulsory basis for all students of the CCA team(s) that the school chooses to cover though.


This company stresses the importance of having insurance cover for your family, and since it is never too early to protect the lives of your young ones, they intend to be with you all the way.

Name of plan: SAF Group Personal Accident

What it covers: If you are a SAF regular, Ops ready NSmen or the spouse or children of them, this plan will covers you 24-hour worldwide for accidents arising from personal/social activities including peacetime SAF training locally and overseas.

Do You Have Runners' Insurance in Singapore?

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While most of the insurance companies provide coverage for personal accidents, not many cover sports injury. Do check out the plans to find out what coverages does it offer. After all, understanding the product and knowing what you really are key to ensuring you enjoy the sports without worries.

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