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Do You Know How To Live Healthier Post COVID?

by On Oct 25, 2021

Adopt these post COVID living habits if you wish to live longer.

How To Live Healthier Post COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted human life to a great extent. Based on a report by WHO, coronavirus has led to mental exhaustion, isolation, grief, and loss of income for most people across the globe.

Nobody anticipated COVID-19. But, this is a new reality, and we must learn to live with it and enjoy a quality life regardless.

Here are some healthier habits that you need to hold onto past the pandemic as the restrictions ease.

Watch Your Diet

During the pandemic, most of us spent too much time indoors to minimize exposure. The isolation increased temptations to grab snacks, junk, and high sodium foods.

How To Live Healthier Post COVID
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Food intake frequencies also increased. According to research, 90% of households reported an increase in their total caloric intake.

I often engage in unhealthy eating habits in times of stress, so if you are like me, you probably gained some weight during the lockdown period.

Now, it's time to add more healthy food to our shipping list and do away with emotional eating.

You will still need to take a balanced diet to supply your body with all the essential nutrients to maintain a functioning immune system and a healthy body.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to boost the immune system, and limit processed foods, sugars, and salt intake. Avoid snacking between meals, and if you must, turn to healthy options like wholemeal bread, nuts, and yoghurt.

Also, get some omega-3 fatty acids from foods like fish, eggs, and almonds. Remember to hydrate by taking six to eight glasses of water each day.

Get More Active

Pre-COVID, a day included too many activities like walking from the parking lot to the office, going to the shopping malls, grocery stores, visiting friends and family.

After the pandemic, most of us replaced such activities with watching the TV, gaming, reading books, and sitting for long periods. Now we must get more proactive to regain our active lifestyle.

There are various ways you can integrate exercises into your busy schedule. For instance, join Spacebib for some cool online races, which will keep you active and healthier.

One main benefit of online or virtual races is that you can do it from any location you choose. You also have a chance to run your race at a time that best works for you. When running an online race, you can compete with friends and family around the world.

Stay Connected

When the government instigated lockdown in response to the pandemic, it drastically changed the nature of our social interactions, which led to loneliness.

Now that things seem to resume normal, we should try to reconnect with friends and relatives. Reach out to your loved ones through calls, and this can help reduce isolation and the instances of feeling down.

Once it's safe to gather, link up with friends but remember to follow COVID-19 safety protocols.

Pay Attention to Your Mental Health

Another substantial lifestyle change that most of us experienced is poor mental health. This led to an increase in alcohol consumption and substance use.

How To Live Healthier Post COVID
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The first step to improving mental health by identifying the emotions and discomfort you struggle with. Some got depressed due to the loss of a loved one. In this case, you will need to allow yourself to grieve and see a counsellor if need be.

For others, it could be that the new norm affected their plans, jobs family relationships. Various activities can help you cope with such stress and anxiety. They include yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and reading books. You can also open up to a friend.

Adjust Your Sleeping Patterns

The pandemic also wrecked our sleeping patterns. Most people experience insomnia due to stress and anxiety. Our lives became very repetitive, which led to poor sleeping habits.

Now it's time to get your sleeping schedule back on track. Remember that adequate sleep promotes a healthy weight, lowers stress, reduces diabetes and heart disease risks.

Try to maintain a regular daily routine even when working from home. Don't stay up too late or nap during the day. Create a bedtime and waking-up routine, and turn off bright lights half an hour before your bedtime.

Also, avoid screens in the bedroom. Get some exercise during the day, don't take dinner too late, go easy on alcohol and caffeine. Mediation can also help improve sleep.

Although COVID-19 has altered our daily lives, we should take a day at a time, be flexible and enjoy what today offers. Work on improving your overall well-being in days to come.

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