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Love and Running Have a Positive Impact on Heart Health. But What is Better?

by On Feb 14, 2016
Love and Running Have a Positive Impact on Heart Health. But What is Better?

Do you know what love and running have in common? Both can speed up the heart rate. This happens when you run, but also when you are in the vicinity of the person you like. Oh yes, running and love can have a positive impact on heart health but how does running affect the heart?

Running Health Benefits

This is a topic discussed many times, and it is not rare to find claims that running is not the healthiest activity for your heart. However, we should bear in mind that these claims are usually related to long-distance running or overrunning because they are exhausting.

Any exaggeration has its consequences. Running at a moderate pace is a healthy habit and form of physical activity, which can have a positive influence on the heart.

How Love Affects Heart Health

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  • Running reduces high blood pressure and the level of bad cholesterol. Therefore, it reduces the risk of many cardiovascular diseases, as well as the risk of stroke and heart attack.
  • Running enables the body to use the oxygen to the maximum. In people who regularly run, the heart works more efficiently, pumping more blood with every beat. In this way, the oxygen is transported to the muscles and other organs faster and more efficiently, making them healthier and more vital. This is called Cardio respiratory fitness (aerobic fitness).
  • Running prolongs life. It reduces the resting heart rate. During running, the heart works faster. During resting, it works slower and runners have a lower resting heart rate. It is believed that, in this way, their heart is able to work longer. Accordingly, it can be considered that running prolongs life.

How Love Affects Heart Health

The heart beats faster when you are near someone you like, but that's not the only way that love affects the heart. Love, like infatuation and running, has its positive effects on heart health.

Running Health Benefits

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  • Love reduces stress, which has a bad influence on heart health. Stress increases blood pressure and heart rate. In the company of a loved one, we feel comfortable and calm. Positive feelings reduce the possibility of heart attack. Hugs and holding hands act the same way. They enable relaxing and releasing of the hormone oxytocin - the one that is responsible for a sense of belonging and binding to someone.
  • Love is a kind of heart training. A faster heartbeat and circulation are a kind of exercise for the heart. So it is not necessary to run around the block to speed up the heart rate. Love is a good cardio exercise as well. That's probably why we associate love with the heart, although the emotions do not arise there.
  • Sex is a form of physical activity that also increases heart rate and blood flow through the veins. It is one way to share the love with someone. Learn how to turn on your running love partner.

What Else do Love and Running Have in Common?

Heart health is not the only thing that running and love have in common. There are few other things.

  • Better self-confidence. It grows when you are aware that someone loves you and when you know that you are healthy and in good shape.
  • Better mood. Good company and the presence of the person we love affects our better mood. It is the same with running. You need a few minutes of running before your body starts to produce endorphin - the hormone that is responsible for good mood.

The fact is that you can overdo it with the running. But can you overdo it with love too? If it is properly channeled, love is a better choice for overdoing it. However, the best combination in life is when you connect the good and useful.

Well, today is Valentine's Day. What do you think about heart health as a Valentine's gift? It is not impossible! The great way to improve your heart health (and your relationship at the same time) is to start running as a couple! So, what are you waiting for! Jump into your sneakers!

Blaženka is a freelance writer and stay at home mom, interested in health, people and everything that can make improve her quality of life. She loves running as it helps to keep her mind sane for her creative work. Meanwhile, she is secretly training for her first marathon in Serbia.

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