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SEA Games Gold Medalist Mok Shares Top Tips to Guard Against Injuries With FLEXISEQ

by On Dec 16, 2014
SEA Games Gold Medalist Mok Shares Top Tips to Guard Against Injuries

Clinching his 5th gold medal in Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore, the SEA Games marathon gold medalist, Mok Ying Ren, has leaped ahead on his Road to Rio 2016. His eyes are set on his next mark – SEA Games 2015, and thereafter, he is planning a more intensive training stint overseas. It is certain that Mok’s road ahead is lined with rigorous training and he is taking measures to stay as injury-free as possible throughout this crucial period.

Injuries happen to sportsmen when the rate of stress on the body is higher than the rate of recovery.

"I make sure I have adequate rest and recovery with ample sleep," shares Mok. "During sleep, our body produces growth hormone that helps us get stronger and aids recovery."

At the same time, Mok ensures that he eats a well balanced diet. He tries to eat within 30 minutes after training as hormones produced in that duration helps in absorption of nutrients. With his muscles working hard for him, he pampers them with regular massages that improves circulation and, hence, recovery.

It is also common for runners to suffer from knee injuries. As such, Mok prefers to run on soft surfaces like grass and gravel, as compared to road and pavement, to protect his knee joints. In the recent week, Mok also tried lubricating his knees with a topical gel.

Many hope to see our home-grown marathoner complete his Road to Rio 2016 with grit, and at the same time, with care to guard against injury.

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SEA Games Gold Medalist Mok Shares Top Tips to Guard Against Injuries

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SEA Games Gold Medalist Mok Shares Top Tips to Guard Against Injuries

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