Are you one of those people who think that Valentine’s Day has become a consumer holiday? Do you have a problem finding the right gift? Valentine’s Day is actually the right day to do something nice for your loved one. Well, why don’t you start with a new, healthy habit, like running as a couple?

Couple Running Benefits

A couple running has many advantages, and it can improve your relationship. Do you want to know how? Here are some arguments:

1. A better sex life.

Couples that run together have more sex than those who do not run. Actually, 66% of runners believe that their sex life has become more frequent since they run with their partner. Not only does running improve your libido, but the sex is better. For good sex it is necessary to be in good physical condition. It is best if both partners are. Is there a better way to gain it than a couple running?

2. More shared moments.

Life has a crazy tempo today. How many times have you stated that you have no time for shared moments with your partner? Well, here’s the solution! No, you do not need to break your jogging routine to spend more time together. Start to run together and spend shared moments in recreation.

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3. Better results of exercising.

When you run with a partner, you always have someone to encourage you when you’re ready to give up. Sometimes, a little support is enough to run a few minutes longer. Besides that, the presence of a partner often wakes up the desire to prove that you are good and durable enough.

4. The company during running.

Many runners do not like the uncomfortable silence when they run alone. And we must admit – running alone can be monotonous sometimes. That is why they tend to listen to music. If you run with your partner, there is no silence and boredom. Actually, it can be a great time to talk. This allows you to get to know each other better, and to become closer.

5. Health for both of you.

Did you make a decision to run together? It is an excellent choice! In this way, you can both be healthy and in good shape. Very often these habits are transferred to other spheres of life. For example, you can change your eating habits or quit some bad habits, like smoking.

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6. The common goals and shared experiences make you closer.

Some of the goals are much easier to achieve with a joint effort. If your goal is to change sedentary behavior to an active lifestyle, do it with your partner. Shared experiences will provide common interests and things to talk about.

Valentine’s Day does not have to be a consumer holiday.

The best gifts that you can give to your loved one, usually cannot be purchased. They are invaluable – kisses, hugs and precious moments together. Running as a couple is a way to give away good health and good shape, wrapped together in shared moments. It’s a rare, luxurious gift that you can easily give, but you cannot buy – ideal for falling in love again!

Use Running As Your Valentine’s Gift

What do you think about Valentine’s gifts? Are you ready for such a unique gift? Choose some romantic place that ignites sparks and bring your partner with you. Start your couple running adventure, and turn jogging into unforgettable moments!

Do you have any ideas to motivate your love partner to go for a run with you? Or are the one that needs motivation?

Blaženka Vesić

Blaženka is a freelance writer and stay at home mom, interested in health, people and everything that can make improve her quality of life. She loves running as it helps to keep her mind sane for her creative work. Meanwhile, she is secretly training for her first marathon in Serbia.

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