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10 Great Running Trails in the Philippines

by On Aug 13, 2015
11 Great Running Trails in the Philippines

People in the Philippines are very interested in maintaining their health and keeping their lives active. Running is a very good way to do both, and there are many trails that are wonderful for running in the Philippines. Many people are interested in running as a sport and exercise, and this is a wonderful place to do so whether you want a difficult trail to challenge yourself or an easy trail to navigate.

1. The Ridge

The Ridge is a 23.3 km trail near Ampucao in the Cordillera Administrative Region of the Philippines. It winds through the countryside and finally ends in Mines View Park. The Ridge is a moderate-difficulty running trail and attracts hundreds of runners every day who are looking for a good place to get in their cardiovascular and endurance training while running.

2. The Coast to Coast Trail

This is a 14.5km trail on which to run, the Coast to Coast trail runs from Dalaguete to the majestic Kawasan Waterfall in the Central Visayas region, this 30.6km run will cover some of the most beautiful grounds in the Philippines. The waterfall itself is a great end to a moderately difficult run, allowing for a quick cooling dip after you run. Watch out for the weather when planning to make this run as sometimes it can be too hot or too wet to finish safely.

11 Great Running Trails in the Philippines

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3. The North Face Thrill of the Trail

The North Face Thrill of the Trail is located in Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines. Many people practise along this 20km trail for the actual event every year and so, this is one of the most popular running trails in the country. Watch out during training season for seasoned local runners who are getting ready for the race. Be sure to visit Fortune Island after your run for beautiful beaches that provide privacy while you enjoy nature.

11 Great Running Trails in the Philippines

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4. The Lagunza Trail

Palaui Island is a favourite of those who frequently like to trail run in the Philippines. This small island boasts a 5.2km trail called the Lagunza Trail that is full of beautiful beach scenery and moderately difficult climbs up and down coastal hills. A quick visit to the crystal clear beaches along this trail is enough to refresh and revitalise even the most vigorous runner. Watch out during certain times for seasonally rough weather along the coast.

11 Great Running Trails in the Philippines

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5. The Pinatubo Eco Trail

The Pinatubo area in Central Luzon, Philippines is home to the Pinatubo Eco Trail run yearly. The Pinatubo trail is 23.2km long and is considered a medium difficulty run because of the changing steepness, altitude and terrain. Watch out for all of these changes while running and come prepared. After your run, be sure to visit the national park where Pinatubo is located to learn about some of the devastation and beauty of the volcano itself.

11 Great Running Trails in the Philippines

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6. Itogon, Benguet Trail

Another beautiful, scenic running trail in the Philippines is located in Itogon, Benguet. This trail is approximately 50km and hosts professional runs every year providing the weather allows it. The terrain is rough in spots, with trails becoming narrow and more hilly as the trail goes on. After your run, visit the Baguio city market for an array of local favourites that are sure to satiate your hunger and thirst.

11 Great Running Trails in the Philippines

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7. Peny-bawan – Tucucan Trail

Another great trail near the Cordillera Administrative Region is the Peny-bawan – Tucucan trail. Stretching 8.25km, this trail is moderately difficult due to unpaved surfaces and a steep grade in places along the trail. Watch out for narrow areas and mudslides during rainy days along this trail. When you finish, cool off in local waterfalls in the ice cold, fresh mountain water.

11 Great Running Trails in the Philippines

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8. The Banaue Trail

Start off in Banaue at the base of a mountain for a gruelling, more difficult trail through the Cordillera region, and 40.22km later, you will have run the Banaue trail in the heart of the Philippines. One of the most upward, most lengthy trails across any of the islands in the country, this trail is both hot and dry most of the time. Watch out for drought and be sure to bring plenty of water with you for this trip.

11 Great Running Trails in the Philippines

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9. The King of the Mountain Trail

The King of the Mountain trail in Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya is popular due to it starting out on easy terrain and turning into steep climbs and progressively more difficult areas. Runners tend to like its (optionally) quick duration. From 2km to 50km, this trail is used for many big marathons throughout the year, and is more difficult the more length is added to it.

10. The Cavinti Trails

The Cavinti Trails are located about 2 hours from Manila and are very remotely located. The appeal of these trails is the ability to take in the beauty of the national forest areas of the Philippines. The trail starts out at 21km and ends up at a length at 41km for those who are seasoned enough to take that distance on. The trail is variant in difficulty, mostly staying at a medium difficulty. The Bumbungan Eco Park is a great place to relax after your run.

Trail Running in Philippines

The Philippines offers many more trails than these on which to run. This exotic location has lakes, waterfalls, forests, dry areas, and even oceans to view while running. Why would you deny yourself the pleasure of visiting such a beautiful place in which to run? Try one of the trails out today to see the appeal of trail running in the Philippines and you will not be at all disappointed in what you find along the way.

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