If you are having a hard time trying to figure out if you should go running at night, then here are a few benefits of nighttime running that can help you to make up your mind.

The Benefits of Running at Night

  • Many people decide to go for a run at night when the day has come to an end, and they didn’t have a chance to get their swim or gym time in because their schedule was just too hectic.
  • It is cool at night so you would be more comfortable running.
  • You don’t have to be so self-conscious if you are a bit overweight and you feel awkward exercising in front of others.
  • Your body has higher reserves of cortisol and thyrotropin at night, and these two hormones give you energy.
  • Many don’t want to exercise too close to bedtime because it is known to get you pumped up, but runners don’t seem to have this problem. In fact, those who run at night report being more relaxed and getting a better night’s sleep.
  • Another good thing about running at night, if you have already eaten the last meal of the day, is that any calories you burn will stay off. This should encourage you, and push you to make sure your next meal is a healthy one. However, you will probably feel the need to replenish after your run. In addition to water, some good choices are a protein-carb shake, nuts, an energy bar, a banana or a handful of raisins.

Best Places to Run At Night In Singapore

Marina Bay Gardens

This is a path around the newly built stadium. The path is 8km, and if you walk the loop too, then it is 11km. This is a good place to run or walk at night because there is plenty of lighting and the atmosphere is quite breathtaking.

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Singapore River and the Alexandra Canal Linear Park

These trails offer great scenery, so they are perfect for tourists. When walking the park trail, you can stop and read the various historical markers along the way. One-way, the trail is 6.25km, and you will have to cross some roads to complete the trail. This is a great trail to run at night and actually the best time to run it because it’s hot during the day. There are some hard surfaces, but the right kind of shoes will make up for any of its shortcomings.

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Esplanade Waterfront

You’re in for a treat if you run this trail at night, because you get a view of the city that you won’t get during the day, a view of The Financial District all lit up. Don’t worry about it being too dark, there are plenty of lamps to light your way. This trail takes you on an 8km run, walk or jog round trip, and you can make it a bit longer (1km) if you take the loop around Marina Bay. Here, the path is situated almost literally along the edge of the bay.

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Bedok Reservoir

This trail goes back and forth between gravel and pavement keeping all 4.3km of it interesting. In addition, it runs along the reservoir, and even at night with the abundant lighting, it offers a great view. With the water fountains and facilities dotting the trail, this is one of the most accommodating running circuits in Singapore. Unless you go very early in the morning, evening is the best time to run this trail because it’s cool by then.

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Ulu Pandan Park Connector

Commonly referred to as The Ditch, this trail offers a 9.3 to 10km run with just one road that needs to be crossed. The entire trail is black top, and yes, with its abundant lighting and popularity, it is suitable for nighttime. You can start your run at the Clementi and Ulu Pandan intersection, or you can start on the part of the trail that lies just across the street from Buona Vista MRT.

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Safety While Running at Night

Even though the above trails and many more are safe at night, a few precautions should be taken.

  • Let someone know you’re going
  • Wear light-coloured clothing
  • If you are going to use headphones, keep the volume low enough that you can still hear any surrounding noises
  • Bring your mobile phone along
  • If you have just eaten a good amount, then wait at least 45 minutes before you set out to avoid discomfort

Whether you walk, jog or run, you won’t want to miss enjoying it on some of Singapore’s most accommodating and scenic trails. Go by yourself or with a partner, and see how quickly you get addicted. Don’t forget to do some stretching before and after to get the full benefits of your excursion. We recommend 2.5h of brisk walking or 75min of jogging or running per week to help keep you healthy and fit. How many minutes have you gotten in so far this week?

Charlotte Lam

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