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HomeTeamNS REAL Run 2017: Will You Represent CrimeFighters or FireFighters?

by On Jul 24, 2017

Time to turn your calendar page to October 2017 when the popular 5km and 10km HomeTeamNS REAL Run takes place. But this year, you’re going to have to take sides when you register!

HomeTeamNS REAL Run 2017: Will You Represent Crime Fighters or Fire Fighters?

Do you sometimes think that life presents you with too many choices? Think about it. Chocolate vs. strawberry ice cream. A job that pays lots vs. one that gives you chances to help others. Even your passion for running can hit a snag if you decide to compete overseas but an important family celebration requires your attendance instead.

Sorry to add to your list, but you're going to have to make a decision if you intend to be part of October's HomeTeamNS REAL Run: Will you run on behalf of Singapore's intrepid crimefighters or do you prefer to support the nation's firefighters instead? The choice may seem impossible — unless friends or family serve in either profession - because all of these first responders are heroes.

You can be a hero, too, by aligning yourself with either at HomeTeamNS REAL Run 2017 where you have a chance to show your mettle on 15th October between 7 a.m. and noon at Punggol Waterway Park, Coney Island.

The story behind the run

In 2005, the Singapore Police Association for NSmen (SPANS) and Singapore Civil Defence Association (CDANS) merged to continue a tradition SPANS began in 1996: Staging a HomeTeamNS REAL Run (that acronym stands for Regular Exercise; Active Lifestyle) guaranteed to deliver unique terrain challenges to all participants that emulate those faced by first responders when they undertake their training.

Inviting the public to "run in the shoes" of either crimefighters or firefighters is sure to deliver excitement and thrills, particularly since this type of representative competition hasn't been associated with this run in the past. But this is no ordinary year: it's also the anniversary of 50 years of National Service, so this challenge is issued to every runner: pick a side and represent professionals who have distinguished themselves for half a century.

HomeTeamNS REAL Run 2017: Will You Represent Crime Fighters or Fire Fighters?

About the HomeTeamNS REAL Run

Sign up to show your support for a #Crimefighter or #Firefighter and you’ll face the exhilarating combination of multi-terrain route to push your physical boundaries! Because this year's race features this unique twist, there's a good chance more than the usual 5,000 avid runners will turn out for the REAL Run, so registration dates are critical if you plan to be one of them.

Sign up at Spacebib and take advantage of Early Bird rates only in effect until 15th July. The event's rate structure chart is varied: You can register in the Individual category, as part of a 6-member citizen team, run the Open, compete as a veteran or as a member of a 6-person corporate or agency team. And of course, HomeTeamNS members always get price breaks.

Confusing? It won't be when you get to the website! Besides, when you register, that's when you make that decision between firefighters and crimefighters, so you may wish to pick your side right now.

Will you wear the blue or the orange?

Singapore's crimefighters will run by your side if you choose to affiliate with the force that keeps Singapore one of the safest nations in the world. Whether they are new to the uniform or they have been around for decades, these courteous, loyal and courageous public servants are on the front lines, keeping you safe, 24/7.

HomeTeamNS REAL Run 2017: Will You Represent CrimeFighters or Fire Fighters?

On the other hand, if you find Singapore firefighters to be irresistible and you have a fondness for the colour orange, expect to run on behalf of firefighters who never met a burning building they couldn't conquer, even though every action means risking their lives. By the way, you couldn't choose a bad team if you tried!

Special rules for special circumstances

Because you'll come up against varying terrain types, organisers remind participants that appearance is important for symbolic and safety reasons. Wearing the signature running singlet shows your solidarity with fire or crimefighters and it's important to give this run the respect and dignity it deserves. Leave jewellery at home to avoid being injured on this rugged route, and remember that wearing your race bib is mandatory not optional.

This race is a terrain challenge, so pick your running shoes accordingly. Once you've completed your 5km or 10km event, stick around for fun-filled activities where you'll have lots of opportunities to mingle with Singapore's finest. Prizes? Count on it. Cash prizes await runners in up to 10 finishing categories, but the big money goes to the top 3 finishers of the 10km and first five 5km event finishers.

HomeTeamNS REAL Run 2017: Will You Represent Crime Fighters or Fire Fighters?

Pick up your entry pack on either 7th or 8th October and you'll collect your running singlet and a bag filled with goodies, but if you want the logo-embellished finisher tee, you'll have to opt for the 10km and cross the finish line. The finisher's medal? It's gorgeous; a rainbow of coloured ribbon from which a silver medallion hangs proudly. Just like the pride we take in our valiant first responders!

We're conducting a straw poll and need your input: Will you run with the crimefighters in blue on 15th October or will your choice be Singapore's brave firefighters?

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