Mizuno’s First Ekiden Singapore Online Race 2020: Work Together to Run Better

by On Mar 4, 2020

Mizuno launches the first team-based online race to promote Japanese values of teamwork, perseverance and resilience to the running community.

Mizuno’s First Ekiden Singapore Online Race 2020: Work Together to Run Better

Online races have become a popular trend in the running community due to their flexible and convenient race format.

Ekiden (駅伝) is a long-distance running multistage relay race, which has been widely received among runners in Singapore. This year, Mizuno is pleased to extend this piece of culture by introducing the first Ekiden online race.

Organised in partnership with social race platform, Spacebib, the first team-based online race invites runners to form or join a team of 4 to collectively complete a full 42.195km marathon distance from 17 May to 30 May 2020.

The beauty of this friendly running competition is that it allows runners from all walks of life with different ability to participate and compete for top honours. Each team decides amongst its runners what distances they’ll each run or if they’ll take turns or run together to finish the 42.195km distance at anytime and anytime during the race period.

As this is a team-based race, every runner in the team is encouraged to contribute at least 5km towards the total required marathon distance.

Runners can sign up for the Mizuno Ekiden Singapore Online Race 2020 at mizunoekiden.spacebib.com. They can register on behalf of the team or find a team to join and then run the race anywhere they like— whether it’s on their neighbourhood street or on a treadmill.

Upon completing the race by uploading their race results in their Spacebib account, runners will receive top quality finisher entitlements and see how they stack up against the rest of the running community in Singapore.


Looking for more team pride? The top 3 fastest teams to complete the race will win S$700 to $1,500 worth in Mizuno products.

Mizuno’s First Ekiden Singapore Online Race 2020: Work Together to Run Better
  • 1st place: 4 pairs of *running shoes + S$200 voucher for each runners to use and purchase on Mizuno Singapore website.
  • 2nd place: 4 pairs of *running shoes + t-shirts (grey premium T-Shirt with exclusive seasonal print design), pants and socks
  • 3rd place: 4 pairs of *running shoes
  • Women Team - 1st place: 4 pairs of *running shoes

*Runners can use the Mizuno COM-PATH to identify which running style they fall into (Floating, Propulsive, Grounding) and Mizuno will match a pair of running shoes according to the style that the runner has selected during registration.

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you are running with friends or hope to find your sole mates in this online race, you will find great things can be achieved together.

Registration for the Mizuno Ekiden Singapore Online Race 2020 is now open at mizunoekiden.spacebib.com.

New Dry Aeroflow Fabric

Mizuno’s First Ekiden Singapore Online Race 2020: Work Together to Run Better

Team members who complete the race earn a prized eco-friendly finisher medal.

Mizuno Ekiden Online Race Entitlements

All runners are guaranteed to receive an exclusive event T-shirt made of Mizuno's Dry Aeroflow fabric material.

The unique fabrics are made from a combination of water-repellent yarn and water-absorptive yarn. The material of the fabrics helps the athlete prevent energy loss from excess sweating.

The Dry Aeroflow features:

  • High breathability
  • Quick-dry for extra comfort
  • Prevents excess sweating


Mizuno’s First Ekiden Singapore Online Race 2020: Work Together to Run Better

We all run differently and when your shoes support your unique movement, you can run at your best. Mizuno has taken this simple philosophy and used it to create Mizuno COM-PATH: an easy way to find the right running shoe for you.

Use the COM-PATH finder to answer some quick questions about your running preferences. The finder will reveal your ideal running style and match you with a shoe that fits perfectly.

Visit Mizuno COM-PATH for more information on how it can match you with the perfect shoe.

Can I run/walk on treadmill?

Yes, of course! You can complete your runs/walks on a treadmill. Please take a photo of your treadmill dashboard with the following information:
1. Distance (in KM)
2. Timing
3. Date (optional)

How many kilometres do I need to run for my team?

You can choose to run as many kilometers as you like. Each team member is required to run at least a minimum of 5km.

How do I join a public team?

If you do not have a full team of 4 members, you can join any available public team listed on our team page. Head over to "Join a team" tab on the registration page to see a list of available teams. Choose the team that you like to join and proceed to sign up. Once you have joined a public team, you will not be able to switch a team.

Do I have to meet up with my teammates to run together?

As this is an online race, there is no need for you to meet up with your teammates to run together. Each of you can run individually at your preferred place anytime you would like and submit your results in your own profile which will then be calculated collectively.

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