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The Amazing Sky Runners Takes Running A Whole New Level

Learn How These Amazing Sky Runners Take Running to a Whole New Level

Is sky running similar to trail running? No, you are wrong. Even though both of these sports run on an uneven surface, that does not mean they are the same….

The power couple on how to reward themselves in life

Live and Run Consciously With Power Couple Cherlynn Sim and Sebastian Chang

Living consciously can be applied to all aspects of our lives and is about being more aware of the choices that we make, from taking control of your health, to…

Meet Warren Who Is Motivated To Run For Vietnam Online Challenge 2020

A Charity Director shares why he is motivated to Run for Vietnam this year

From Australia, Warren McMillan is a director of PiCCA and an avid runner. When he was young, he used to run for fitness. But due to work and family commitments,…

Run For Malaysia Ambassadors: You are more than you think you are

They are running for Malaysia this year. Are you too?

In life, there are always twists and turns to meet your final destination. But, if you do believe in yourself, your hard work and determination will pay off in the…

How To Run Your Own Marathon Race Safely

How To Run Your Own Marathon Race Safely

If you do sign up to any race events, you might be disappointed because all of the race events are cancelled due to COVID-19. At the same time, you might…

New SONY Wireless Sports Headphones To Conquer Your Runs

Conquer Your Runs With The Latest Sony Wireless Sports Headphones

Finding it difficult to find the perfect headphones for your run? Is noise a distraction, but you would like to stay aware of your surroundings? Do headphones constantly fall out…

During pandemic, ultra marathoner get creative in running at home

How an ultra-marathoner get creative in running at home during the pandemic

Stephanie Northway from Michigan, USA is an ultra-marathoner and teacher. She started running marathons in October 2015. Then, ultra-marathons in December 2015. She runs several races every year, and she…

The Most Unbelievable Things About Running

The Most Unbelievable Things About Running

Before or after your run, do you come across any funny or absurd comment about running? How would you normally respond to them? As a runner, what do you generally…

Philippines Women Marathoners: Running is a fulfilment

Philippines Women Marathoners: Running Is Empowering Women

Having a hard time getting back on track? Don’t worry, we are introducing our three skilled women marathoners from the Philippines who are constantly motivating others to be the better…

Indonesian Women Marathoners: Running Better During Tough Times

Indonesian Women Marathoners: Continue Running During Tough Times

Are you drained from all this negativity during this unprecedented time? Or are you struggling to build up your motivation to run again after months of inactivity? We have located…

Will you redefine the trails at the First Polar Online Race 2020?

Will you redefine the trails at the First Polar Online Race 2020?

Online races are more popular than ever for runners who are tired of hordes of participants, endless queues and insufficient time to run their races. Challenge yourself to keep your…

Thailand Women Marathoners: Strong is the new beauty

Thailand Women Marathoners: Staying Active During The Crisis

“I am stronger than I think I am. Mentally, physically.” – Misty May- Treanor Are you ready to restart your running after months of inactivity? We are pleased to talk…