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Here's How To Run During Pregnancy

How To Run During Pregnancy

Running when pregnant can be a great workout, but we believe many pregnant runners have this question, “Will Running Affect My Pregnancy?” Recently, we learned that Karen Siah, a 33 year-old passionate personal…

Jabra Launches The New Jabra Elite 75t To Serve Your Running Gear Collection

New Jabra Elite 75t To Serve Your Long Runs

Can’t decide which earbuds for your running routine? Why not give the latest wireless earbuds, Jabra Elite 75t a run? What is Jabra Elite 75t? Jabra, leader in personal sound…

Nike React Infinity Run

Here’s Why Your Feet Will Thank Nike React Infinity Run

If you’re a runner, you’d understand the frustrations that come with the injury. In fact, 9 out of 10 runners have cited injury as their number one concern, so you’re…

30 Useful Running Tips in 2020 By The Running Community

30 Useful Running Tips in 2020 By The Running Community

In a running world, we are constantly finding an effective method to train our body for a race or marathon. We examine every single possibility and even tested out all…

Duathletes' Reasons Will Make You Fall In Love With Duathlon

How to train for a Duathlon in 2020 with 6 Top Duathletes

Can you swim? Swimming is by no means a natural human activity, which is why at least 4 billion people in the world cannot swim. So if you can’t swim, Triathlon inevitable become…

Exciting Marina Run Is Back In 2020

The Iconic Marina Run Is Back In 2020

Do you have any place to go on Saturday 15 February, 2020? If you don’t, how about going for the iconic Marina Run at the Gardens By The Bay, Singapore?…

Helpful Half Marathon Training Plans From 8 Half Marathoners

How to train for a half marathon in 2020

Do you know how to approach your half marathon effectively? Do you find it complicated when you start to plan out your half marathon training plan? If you have the…

Losing Your Strength To Keep Going? Maulina Will Guide You There

Maulina: Finding the strength to keep running

Being a homemaker does not mean you can’t have time for yourself, says Master Of The Streets ambassador, Maulina Binti Bueng. The 37 year-old runner wants to tell women around…

Need A Push? Lee Teck Wai Will Bring The Team Spirit To You

Lee Teck Wai: Team running is more fun

40 year-old Master Of The Streets ambassador, Lee Teck Wai started running back in 2011. His reason is for health just like any other runner. Working as a technician, he wants to…

Inspiring Trainer Lorna Wong Will Makes You Step Out Your First Step

Lorna Wong: Start running with this inspiring trainer

As a mother of two, Lorna Wong is one motivation runner in her running community. The 45 year-old Master Of The Streets ambassador is a personal trainer, yoga teacher and…

Anwar: Believe It Or Not? Running Boost Your Mood And Energy

Anwar Afifi: How running can boost your mood and energy

People always say you can’t judge a book by its cover because you will never know ‘the ordinary office guy’ next to you could be a trained runner. Yes, that’s…

Jason Fong: The Secret To Achieve Positivity In Life

Jason Fong: The secret to achieve positivity in life

Why so we need positivity in our daily life? A positive attitude awakens happiness, motivation, self esteem, better health and improved relations. In these five categories, our Master Of The…