How to Master Your Long Distance Run in 2021

by On Dec 20, 2020

Thinking about running longer? Here are some long distance running tips for you to avoid burnout.

Ways To Train Your Long Distance Run

No doubt, running is hard, especially when it is a long run. It can be boring and challenging to maintain your performance during long runs. Sometimes, you might want to quit your training. We’ve all had those days when the struggle is real. So, what we need is motivation to shift our mindset and keep moving forward.

Before you quit your long run training, these tips might give you a plan or motivation for your training. Mostly, it will get you through your long run when you are struggling along your way. Training, mostly it will get you through your long run when you are struggling along your way.

What is long distance running?

A long run is usually one and a half to two times longer than an average run. The distance and duration also depend on what you are training for, so it may vary from 60 minutes to over 120 minutes.

What is the benefit of a long run?

If you want to improve your basic running skills, a long run is the perfect training for you as it helps to:

  • Build leg strength
  • Improve overall endurance
  • Teach your body to burn a higher percentage of fat for fuel
  • Increase mental toughness for upcoming races

Running a long distance run once a week will improve your overall fitness plan.

What are the ways to extend long runs?

Ways To Train Your Long Distance Run
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Here are some important tips that can help you to run longer and steadier:

Go slower

Beginner runners tend to run quicker during long runs, which will lead to uncomfortable pace and no energy left for the last few miles or km. So, slower your speed than your normal pace to save energy for those miles or km.

Add miles or km gradually

It is important not to rush to run a longer distance for the first time. Remember to take it slow and gradually add a mile or two each week; this is the best approach when you are trying to run longer distances.

Check your form

The longer distance you run, you might forget to check your form. Do make sure you are looking up and not down at your feet. Running in a proper form is important to avoid any injuries. So, relax your shoulders, keep your back straight, and don't hold any tension in your arms, wrists and hands.

Ways To Train Your Long Distance Run
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Run and walk

If you are a beginner, the best way to build up your stamina is to run and walk. Do not put pressure on yourself to run the entire length. Instead, you can run and walk to cover the distance. With that method, you still get a great workout and increase your fitness level and endurance so that you can eventually run longer distances in the future.

Start from a comfortable, slower pace before you add miles or km of increased speed or effort. Also, do not forget to stretch and warm up before you start your long run.

Run with your buddies

Running at a long distance can be tough. It is challenging to build up the mental toughness and push through those rough patches. So, running with your friends during long runs is the best motivation for you to avoid boredom and might even spark a healthy competition.

Having a partner who is experienced can also be invaluable, as they can provide you helpful tips to improve your long run training.

Set small goals

Having specific short-term goals can help with mental challenges. Celebrating small goals is a way for you to keep moving forward no matter how small your goal is.

Be patient

Building your stamina and endurance takes time. Do not rush your training and instead enjoy the moment, and your effort will soon be worth it at the end of the day.

With all these helpful tips, you are ready to conquer your long distance running training. Remember not to rush till the end, but instead enjoy your running progress.

Feel free to share your experience and tips on long distance running training.

How can I run longer and steadier?

Go slower and check your form. If running is too difficult for you, then use run and walk method to cover the distance.

How much longer should my run be?

Usually is about one and a half to two times longer than an average run. It may takes about 60 minutes to over 120 minutes to finish your long run.

How can I improve my long run?

Keep track of your result each week and set small goals. Also, do not rush your training and slowly build your stamina and endurance to cover longer distance.

What is running long distance good for?

1. Build leg strength 2. Improve overall endurance 3. Teach your body to burn a higher percentage of fat for fuel 4. Increase mental toughness for upcoming races

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