Why Running Solo Will Gives You The Training You Need in 2021

by On Oct 1, 2020

Running alone sounds boring? Hold on, that thought, soon you will fall in love with solo run. Trust me.

Why Running Solo Will Gives You The Training You Need in 2019

No luck on calling your friends out for a race? Yes, running with your buddy can be fun at times. But soon, you will discover that your free solo running time will make you gain more benefits than you ever before.

It will unleash and push the limits in your running by achieving your running goals. Sometimes, it may be just what you really needed. So what exactly can you gain by running alone?

Injury Reduction

No one is pushing the pace, just you! This means that you can enjoy an easy run on the days your plan calls for it. It does not mean that every run turns into a race too.

Do you know that running in the group can often lead to injury? Running solo allows you to listen to what your body is telling you – if you need to slow down to avoid injury, you’re able to do that without holding up a group.

Your Run Is Your Own

It does not matter who is your running buddy: your best friend, your spouse, or your's golden retriever. A run with a buddy is a run that you have to share and most of the time it comes with expectations.

Your buddy and you agree on a certain distance or speed and accommodate different training schedules. But solo running means you can choose where to run and when you want, rain or shine.

You don't have to drive out of your way, or run three miles of intervals instead of the four easy ones you wanted to try.

Why Running Solo Will Gives You The Training You Need in 2019

Practicing Internal Pacing

Conversely, running alone means you can push to your own pace on days you feeling stronger than what you initially plan on. You do not have to worry about leaving anyone behind if you start doing fartleks or a tempo.

These runs allowed you to get in tune with your body as it let you guide your own pacing. Solo runs might make you faster by getting rid of any guilt about leaving your friend behind.

Why Running Solo Will Gives You The Training You Need in 2019

You'll Listen to Your Body Better

A conversation or the effort to keep up your energy up, it is a huge distraction when you are with a buddy.

If you got distracted, your form might get lazy or incorrect or you may become less aware of your surroundings, therefore more prone to injury.

Some are better at staying focused, but it can be difficult when you are interested in a conversation.

If you're free from distractions, you are more likely to concentrate on your own running form, keep time goals, notice pain in time and be willing to stop.

When you only have yourself to listen to, you will listen to what your body has to say.

Why Running Solo Will Gives You The Training You Need in 2019

It is a Good Mental Training

The importance of mental training comes from running alone. The tougher it gets during the race or workout, you will be able to pull from previous runs and overcame the struggles on your own.

You will discover that solo run is the hardest for you, whether because of the distance or speed or maybe both. Running solo definitely make you gain the benefits from all of it.

If you want to try running solo or just a solo runner all day, everyday. Then you will going to love the Solo Run Online Race as you can run anytime, anywhere you like, not forgetting at your own pace!

Most importantly, you will get to earn awesome awards after your race!

Remember that the hardest run is running alone, but it also makes you stronger.

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