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Road To Not Lose Your Mojo, Azleen Will Show You How

Azleen Ahmad: Never lose your running mojo

When you spot a cool blonde pixie haircut female runner, it could be one of our Master Of The Streets ambassador, Azleen Ahmad Jais aka Bewomenstrong. 40 year-old Azleen is…

Successful Distance Runner Don't Happen Overnight

Deo: Success at running doesn’t happen overnight

Azrulhisyam Bin Hussin aka Deo is a skilled distance runner. As an enthusiastic runner, he joined the ambassador family of the Master Of The Streets hoping to share his running…

Karen Siah: Sharing the secret of a Supermom runner

Karen Siah: Sharing the secret of a Supermom runner

Body change is one of the challenges that women encounter during pregnancy. But this does not stop the 33 year-old new mommy from being active when she has her baby…

Hafiz Aizat: Running Will Teach You Self Love

Hafiz Aizat: Running will teach you self love

No matter how you look like, it does not define who you are. Our Master Of The Streets Ambassador Hafiz Aizat wants you to embrace your body just the way…

Amber Chew: Determination And Persistent Is What We Need In Running

Amber Chew: This is what we need in running

Chew Jia Qi, Amber is a 23 year-old role model majoring in Dieticians at UKM. As an ASICS running pacer, Amber wants to encourage and help others to start running…

Aquathletes Reveal The Key To Become Successful In Aquathlon

How To Train For Your First Aquathlon

Are three sports in one too challenging for you? How about trying out two sports instead? Aquathlon makes it perfect for people who love running and swimming. To understand more…

Under Armour Christmas Running Gift

What Running Gift Should You Get For Christmas 2019?

Scratching your head on what Christmas gift to get for your loved ones or yourself? No worries, we got you covered by recommending you the perfect sporting gifts. Under Armour…

Towerrunner Soh Wai Ching Venture Back To Trail Running

Do you know what is Tower Running?

You may be more familiar with the name vertical marathon or vertical running. An alternative to conventional flat-road marathons, Tower running is a sport which involves running up tall man-made…

Pontianak City Run returns in February 2020 with a half marathon

Pontianak City Run returns in February 2020 with a half marathon

Never been to the beautiful Indonesia in your life? Well, why not get this opportunity to visit Borneo, Indonesia by joining a running event to explore the city. Before we…

Back to Nature: Ten Great Trail Runners in Malaysia

Back to Nature: 10 Inspirational Trail Runners in Malaysia

Do you ever think that trail running is a dirty sport? Have you ever tried running off road? Trail running is a sport-activity which combines running and hiking, that is run…

The Exciting Tokyo Marathon 2020 Is Back

Tokyo Marathon 2020 Pre-Race Updates

The Tokyo Marathon Foundation will be hosting various events on the day before the Tokyo Marathon 2020. These events will be held using the warm-up track of the National Stadium, located in…

Elite Ultra Runners Reveal The Surprising Ultra Reasons Of All Time

Free ultra marathon training plan by 10 elite ultra runners

What’s the farthest you have ever run? Many people would think a full marathon is already their limit. However, there are a bunch of runners that love to challenge their…