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Why a Power Walk is the Best Exercise For Seniors

by On Feb 1, 2021

Let's step out and walk our way to better health.

Why Power Walk Is The Best Exercise For Seniors

Walking is a basic form of exercise for everyone. With that being said, there are certain benefits of walking, especially for seniors. Including walking in your daily lifestyle for at least 30 minutes about 3 to 5 days a week will help improve your health in many ways. 

Walking can help you to live independently for longer:

  • lower risk of heart disease, stroke, colon cancer and diabetes
  • strengthen your muscles and bones to prevent osteoporosis
  • improve balance and coordination
  • improve your energy levels and increase your stamina
  • keep joints flexible
  • help increase confidence and mood to reduce depression or anxiety

Why walking is the perfect exercise for seniors

Why Power Walk Is The Best Exercise For Seniors
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Walking can be as effective as running

A basic walking exercise can replace running, as long as you include it in your daily routine. Walking about 20 to 30 minutes every day helps you burn some calories. For the elderly, who suffer from joint problems, walking is the best low-intensity workout for them.

Walking is easier to stick with for elderly

It is challenging to find a workout that you can do in your daily routine. If you are looking for a consistent workout, a walking activity can be the one for you to do every day. Taking a walk in the park or around your neighbourhood is much easier than hitting the gym every day.

Improves cardiovascular health

Walking is a great way for seniors to help with heart health. Walking can help with heart health by checking blood pressure, lowering body fat, and keeping blood sugar in check as well.

Fight weight problem

Finding a walking space to manage weight is important for elders. This can be just a stroll around the neighbourhood or at the park. Older adults and seniors can easily neglect and add up extra weight that might affect their overall health. It is important to manage your weight, and walking will help you to stay motivated to keep walking in your daily routine to maintain a healthy weight or shed some weight if you are overweight/obese.

Boost your immune system

A weaker immune system is part of getting older. So for the elderly, it is important to keep away from getting sick in old age. Including walking on a regular basis can help to keep seniors active, as it will boost your immune system.

Walking adds years to your life

You might not think of this, but studies show that you have a much longer lifespan if you are active on a regular basis. Walking is linked with a longer lifespan and overall health for seniors.

The benefits of walking for seniors

Why Power Walk Is The Best Exercise For Seniors
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Walking is the best exercise for seniors. It is an effective way to reduce the risk of chronic health issues and improve overall health:

Improve heart health

Getting your heart rate up can lead to a reduction in the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease and stroke.

Reduces pain

Arthritis is something that bothers the joints of many elderly. It is important to keep active for your joints. If you walk regularly, you might have less joint pain.

Low participation cost

Basically, you will just need a pair of shoes, and you are good to go. You can take a stroll with your family, friends or dog at the park or around your neighbourhood on a regular basis.

Boost mental health

A daily power walk can help seniors to feel positive and happy. The endorphins released during physical activity create a sense of wellbeing and boost their mood.

Promotes social engagement

Whether you are joining a group of friends or simply just engaging with neighbours while you are walking, seniors can meet new people and develop a friendship when they are out walking.

By walking daily, your life will fill with happiness and positivity. So, let's head out for a walk with your elderly to build this habit as a regular exercise.

Is walking the best exercise for seniors?

Walking is the basic form of exercise for seniors. There are tons of benefits for seniors. Walking for at least 30 minutes will help improve your health in many ways.

How many days a week should seniors exercise?

Seniors are advised to walk for at least 20-30 minutes about 3 to 5 days a week.

What are the benefits of walking for seniors?

The benefits for seniors are improved heart health, reduced pain, low participation cost, a boost in mental health, and promotes social engagement.

Why walking is best exercise for seniors?

Because walking can be as effective as running, boost the immune system, fight weight problems and many more.

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