30 Useful Running Tips in 2021 By The Running Community

by On Jan 13, 2021

Want some words of wisdom from some of the best runners in the running community? Don't worry, they are free!

30 Useful Running Tips in 2020 By The Running Community

In a running world, we are constantly finding an effective method to train our body for a race or marathon.

We examine every single possibility and even tested out all the techniques and approached them thoroughly.

We execute our plan and make sure we follow it. We set a higher standard for ourselves and push our limits no matter what, just to achieve our running goals and dreams.

So today, we would like to tap into the power of our helpful running community to help you out with some free running tips in 2021.

These tips might help you to execute your plan easier and get a heads up of what to do or how to train better. 

We have chosen 30 running tips that we think would be the most beneficial in your running journey. We hope that they can come in handy for you at all times.

1. Be consistent and patient

Tan Shi ling, Sherlynn from Singapore
Favourite distance: Full marathon

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Sunbaked 🍰☀️#vitaminD

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Believe in the process. Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

2. Train according to your own pace

Heidi Makinen from Finland
Favourite distance: Half marathon

Train according to your heart rate. It helps you to get your training right in terms of intensity, it teaches you discipline and it is a great way to measure performance and improvement.

3. Train not just as a runner but as an athlete

Wati Suleiman from Singapore
Favourite distance: Half and full marathon

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My goal today was to run easy for 1 hour. But halfway through I was feeling good and I thought a little bit of speed play a.k.a FARTLEK wouldn’t hurt even if it means my heart rate will shoot up. Turned out to be a really fun 10k run. A month ago I wouldn’t have been able to do this. I’d like to think my fitness is getting better as I didn’t feel like very hard work. So I’m going to keep plodding for most of the time while building mileage, and if I feel good I’ll throw in some FARTLEK or other kinds of speed work to spice things up. Happy Christmas to all of you out there 🎄💕😊 - - #heartratetraining #polarvantagev #patienceisavirtue #newzealandrunning #nzrunning #iloverunning #instarunners #igrunners #slowrunning #longdistancerunner #longdistancerunning #womensrunningcommunity #runnersofinstagram #allsznrunner #marathontraining #TheAngelRunning #runningismylife #irun #newbalance #fourseasonrunner #fitafter40 #sgrunners #fitmomsg #sgrunningmoms

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Include strength training for the whole body particularly core and lower body. It helps to reduce risk of injury, become more efficient runner and supports good running form when you are tired after running for a long time.

4. Back to basic

Rishi Kumar Ghimire from Nepal
Favourite distance: Half and full marathon

Eat clean, sleep well and be discipline on running/training.

5. Focus and the rest is history

Soh Wai Ching from Malaysia
Favourite distance: 5k

Imagine that you are going to run fast and clock your best time for the race. Focus and let that happen.

6. Technique on saving energy

Aaron Loh Wei Kiat from Singapore
Favourite distance: 21km

Swing your arms as low as possible to save energy.

7. Importance of mileage

Jaz Ang Thong Thong from Singapore
Favourite distance: 13km

Increase your speed and mileage progressively.

8. Get Social

Jason Tan Wen Long from Malaysia
Favourite distance: Full marathon

Run with a group of friends or join a running club. Teamwork makes the dream work.

9. Cool down is a must

Wendy Yeo from Singapore
Favourite distance: Full marathon

Always remember to do stretching after a run.

10. Plan and test which method works for you

Lance Sum from Singapore
Favourite distance: Half marathon

Motivate yourself with a goal. You can plan a runcation or work out a training program for a local race. Or explore new running routes with different groups to keep things fresh.

11. Enjoy every moment

Priscilla Chew from Singapore
Favourite distance: Half marathon

Always run at your own pace and listen to your body when you run, and you will enjoy the process. Don't treat every training run like a race - that is the quickest way to burn out and lose interest in running.

12. Try new things to fresh things up

Sofie Nelsson from Sweden
Favourite distance: Half marathon

To run on new places! Even if it is your hometown, you will explore more and that is inspiring."

13. Stick to a basic plan

Felix Fuchs from Germany
Favourite distance: Half marathon

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KEEP GOING‼️ Nach einem überragenden November war der Dezember lauftechnisch eher solala 🥴 Es lief nicht so ganz rund, immer wieder tat was weh und nun zwickt die Achillessehne gewaltig 😟 Naja kann man nichts machen 🙂 In nächster Zeit möchte ich mich ein wenig mehr auf das 🏊🏻‍♂️ konzentrieren und vllt auch wieder ein wenig ins Gym 🏋🏼‍♂️ gehen 🙈 Dafür wird das Laufen etwas reduziert werden bis wieder alles läuft 💯 ‼️Wie läuft es bei euch zur Zeit? Macht jemand bei einem Silvesterlauf mit :)? Cheerio ____________________________________ #run #runner #medrunner #recovery #pain #tendon #overuse #laufenlaufenlaufen #runderful #nikerunning #beatyesterday #ausliebezumsport #beyondexpectations #runnersofinstagram #instarunners #marathoni #marathon #training #tothelimit #racing #fighting #joggen #asicsfrontrunner

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Don't overcomplicate things and simply enjoy running and stick to it. Because when you start to skip one day of running, the resistance to skip another is way lower. So adapt the distances and intensities, so you can run 6 times a week.

14. Results will show if you put effort

Suzanne Walsham from Australia
Favourite distance: Vertical marathon/5-10k

Put the effort into your training because you won't get the results you want without it.

15. Be patient

Yvonne Elizabeth Chee from Singapore
Favourite distance: Full marathon

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Build up training progressively and don't rush the process.

16. The importance of warm up

Sandy Wong from Hong Kong
Favourite distance: Full marathon

No matter how fast I run, warm up is necessary before each workout to minimise the chance of getting hurt.

17. The magic of recovery

Mary Harvey from United States of America
Favourite distance: 50 miles/80 km

Figure out your best refuelling. The sooner you can replenish your body, the better you will recover, and the sooner you can run again.

18. Fun run with friends

Kev Lewis from United Kingdom
Favourite distance: Full marathon

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As I suspect nobody wants to see another sweaty selfie of me on the turbo trainer here’s a photo from the Gingerbread Run a week ago. As you can see in the background I am ahead of one of the gingerbread men! It’s hard not to look at that photo and see my stomach. I need to work harder at shifting that. But looking closer my running form is better than usual. I have been working harder at keeping my arms lower and more relaxed. My legs do also look pretty good. The cycling is definitely helping them. Better get on the trainer again then. Just a short session tonight. It’s been a funny old day. If you’ve seen my stories you’ll know what I mean.

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No matter what the distance running is, running with company always makes it more enjoyable. For a lot of us running is a form of therapy. Having a sympathetic ear or two to listen is great for helping to work out those problems.

19. Training with speed

Janeth Rodríguez from Mexico
Favourite distance: Mid range race (5000m flat test), vertical runs

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Este es mi segundo año compitiendo en la carrera vertical y me siento orgullosa de los resultados. En el 2018 logré ganar el campeonato nacional y este año quedo como subcampeona. Avance en el ranking internacional logrando mi mejor posición, colocandome en lugar 8 . Juega mucho como se vayan moviendo los puntos y las competencias a las que asistas...pero estoy contenta porque con tan pocas carreras me coloqué en las primeras mujeres Elite de Towerrunning, esto significica, que hubo eficacia en cada uno de mis entrenamientos. Todo esto no lo hubiera logrado sin la ayuda de la FEMETOW, de mis patrocinadores, de mi pareja, de mi mamita que se está conmigo espiritualmente, a mi familia y amigos. Espero con ansias el 🔥2020 🔥 por que se que seguiré dando lo mejor d mi. . . . #towerrunningMx #towerrunning #towerrunners #nomerindo #towerrunningworldassociation #RunUp  #stairsup #verticalrunning #Totalmotion  #tm_towerrunners #Stairclimb #stairtrainning #run2fly #Runningterritory #snaplatino #nutricionav #atlethe #run  #suplementoSbpower #WTC #psicologíadeportiva #AA 😇 #janethrodríguez

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Train with the game of speed (fartlek) you become more resistant to speed and the plyometrics exercise that helps strengthen thighs and a correct techniques. Working together these workouts will be hard runner a win!

20. Set a goal

Rashi Shah from India
Favourite distance: 10k (half marathon)

Never start running with the sole purposes of achieving a set time. It takes patience and perseverance and the results shall follow gradually. Every individual has different capabilities so simply listen to what your body tells you and perform accordingly.

21. Find a plan that suits you

Claire Messinger from United States of America
Favourite distance: Around 10k

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Fun fact: I ran up the equivalent of 158 flights of stairs during the Marine Corps Marathon. 😅Those Marines don’t mess around, do they? • • Looking forward to getting back out there and doing “🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️this 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️” really soon. Right now I’ve managed 10 days (4 to go) of no running or exercising in any way. 😳 • • I’ve enjoyed my break, looking pulled together and not “training,” but almost 2 full wks has been sufficient time to make me MISS IT SO BAD! • • “Routine” aka sweaty hair, sweaty me and a pounding happy heart ... here I come!!! Can’t believe I’ve lasted this long ... I guess you could say it’s just another way for me to strengthen that mind! • • I am getting in my 10k steps most days ... so there is that!😜 • • Have a fab Thursday night y’all! ✨ • • • • #brooksrunning #brookswomen #runner #runrunrun #gorun #garmin #garminfitness #runninrabbit #marathontraining #halfmarathon #instagram #instarun #instarunners #monitorthebeat #runitfast #runnerscommunity

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Find a training plan that fits your lifestyle and stick to it. Get into a routine and strengthen not only your legs, but your entire body. Train outdoors as much as possible in all kinds of weather conditions, as race day can bring a mix of everything and anything but most important, enjoy the journey and have fun!

22. Be in the present

Melvin Wong from Singapore
Favourite distance: 5000m

Focus on the present moment - putting one foot in front of the other.

23. Slow and steady

Phillip Hou Nam Soon from Singapore
Favourite distance: 5, 10 and 21km

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Skyhawk Nature Run

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Run slow and listen to your body.

24. Start with a small step

Thomas Terry Hamlin from United States of America
Favourite Distance: 5000 meters

Start running just above a walk. If it feels too slow, it is most likely a good pace to begin with for beginners.

25. Fun run with friends

Hio Chon Ngiap, Dave from Singapore
Favourite distance: 10 km

Running with friends is definitely more fun and there will be more exchanging of ideas, be it work, holidays or others.

26. Find a mentor that helps your training

Kang Michael from Singapore
Favourite distance: 21km

Train with a group who mentors a runner.

27. Take time to recover your body

Teoh Dong Xiang, Serena from Singapore
Favourite distance: Half marathon

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What an incredible journey this has been. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ The initial goal of getting to the start line here in Clark today wavered many times with the stress injury in August and September. But in October and November when things started getting better and better and I was gradually running again, my goal then shifted to finishing the marathon in Clark. Things were looking all rosy until just 2 weeks ago, where a nagging sensation on the lower part of the non-injured leg just would not subside. As I was tapering, I thought it was some kind of muscle soreness that would go away. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ As race day loomed near I started getting more and more worried. 2 days before race day I went to the Team Singapore physio here at the athletes village to get taped. Last night, I got referred to the team doctor who said, “I’m afraid you have a clinical stress reaction on your other leg.” ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I knew something was really not right, but to get told that you have a milder but similar injury on the other leg the night before race day is absolutely not the coolest thing to hear. I was sad, but I knew my legs would be carrying me through many more races, and so I was mentally prepared to start and get out. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Race day came, the ☀️ came, the hilly concrete came, but the leg and mind did not give in. With the amazing team from my coach and supporters from Singapore and Switzerland, grit and some prescribed painkillers I finished, and can proudly call myself a SEA Games marathoner now. 🤩⁣ ⁣ #teamsingapore #seagames2019⁣ #fifth #women #marathon

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Recovery runs are just as important as your hard runs, enjoy them before giving your body another push!

28. Listen to your body

Lester Tan from Singapore
Favourite distance: Full marathon

Run hard when you can, rest well when you must. I think training and recovery work hard in hand as we push and challenge our limits. It also helps to listen to our body so that we can remain injury free and consistent in training.

29. Be in control with your body

Hubert Chen Jiyong from Singapore
Favourite distance: 21km

Control your breathing. You are in control of your own breathing, and never let your body be the one controlling them. When you are tired during your runs, you will restart doing lots of short and fast breath, you will feel worse. So, be in control of your breathing, more deep and slow breath. Make sure to keep the heart rate low, so that we can run further and faster.

30. Motivate yourself is key

Susan Tan from Singapore
Favourite distance: 10k

Always stay motivated.

Free running tips from the running community

We hope you will find these running tips helpful to you. If you wish to contribute your running tips. Feel free to comment below.

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