Like the company’s inspirational namesake, Pumas are on the move and four new RUN PUMA Collection debuts – The Deviate Nitro, Velocity Nitro, Eternity Nitro and Liberate Nitro – are already rumored to be game changers.

What can athletes expect from the pair of shoes that most closely matches each one’s style, personality and technique? An experience that sets new standards for performance.

Meet the new kids on the block.

The Deviate Nitro

Deviate Nitro

…is the most-favored child of the family, say product developers and designers charged with bringing this exceptional shoe to market. Fashion for both sexes. Technology that must be seen to be believed that includes an infusion of Super Critical NITRO foam; carbon-composite INNOPLATE and PUMAGRIP feature.

Put them on. Expect pinnacle performance, speed and an effortless run courtesy of two layers of PUMA’s new foam, NITRO. The aforementioned INNOPLATE technology delivers max cushioning for epic distances. Marathons? Bring them on. Puma’s nitrogen-gas infusion process doubles down on featherlight weight so feet keep going.

Count on the internal composite carbon fiber plate to effortlessly propel feet forward during the gait cycle, showing off propulsion properties engineered to deliver a force reminiscent of rockets.

The INNOPLATE gives runners quicker toe-off, thus establishing a forceful stride that won’t let up at any speed. The durable rubber compound, PUMAGRIP, never met a surface it couldn’t conquer – just like you.

The Velocity Nitro

Velocity Nitro

This style proves that each member of the new Nitro family is quite unique. Runners can anticipate sleek styling and outstanding comfort based on Puma’s new foam innovation: Nitro, the space age, nitrogen-infused process that performs like a rock star no matter the distance traveled.

Boasting an 8mm heel-to-drop transition, this neutral running shoe is a chameleon, responding to the whims of the widest number of running styles.

All-surface traction delivered by PUMAGRIP, the unstoppable rubber compound, is groundbreaking and the female version of the Velocity is so versatile, shoppers will conclude that Puma is paying extra-special attention to the reality that women’s running shoes require a different design approach. So much for dudes getting special treatment.

The Eternity Nitro

Eternity Nitro

… is an equally distinct running shoe boasting its own credentials. What stands out about this product? For starters, if you experience stability issues when you run for any reason, the Eternity is your solution because this shoe offers support and guidance that never met a foot strike it couldn’t adapt to.

Featuring PUMA’s new runGUIDE system exemplified by the uber-firm density rim, feet stay centered no matter what the terrain throws in the way.

The Eternity midsole, comprised of the revolutionary Nitro foam, makes this shoe feather light. Will this Eternity last forever? That depends upon the amount of TLC you lavish upon these running shoes when you deign to give them a rest.

The Liberate Nitro

Liberate Nitro

This style redefines the freedom of the running experience for both women and men, so you might say it is the quintessential equal opportunity shoe.

As the fourth in the Puma’s newest high performance running shoe line, this footwear should have your name written on a pair if you seek a shoe that has been scientifically engineered for tempo runs and races.

Leave the marathons to Puma’s three other styles; this one is all about sprints.

The Liberate midsole is the heart of these kicks thanks to the NITRO factor, PUMA’s lightweight foam that delivers cushioning so superior, feeling free comes with every pair at no charge.

Fabricated with a simplified mono-mesh upper, forget about water-laden feet should downpours strike. This shoe’s silhouette drains water on the go, so sign up for fast tempo runs, short races and half marathons staged at locations prone to rain. You’ll leave competitors in your wake.

What’s your pick?

You are experiencing a dilemma. All these innovations from Puma sound like perfect fits.

Head for or sprint over to either PUMA stores, retailers iRUN or Royal Sporting House and ask to try on all the styles to determine which one delivers on your idea of perfection.

Price tags are comparable but your experience will reveal the true object of your affection, so get to your favorite destination so you can collect bragging rights from your posse.

Pumas are restless, wily critters. Make sure your pair bends to your will – a decidedly likely outcome in light of the fact that all four of these styles can easily be classified as “one of a kind.”

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