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Night Runs and Marathons in Malaysia 2017: The Best Races That Won’t Scare You

by On May 2, 2017

If you’re weary of ordinary runs and marathons in Malaysia and you long to change things up in the months ahead, add any of these 4 races to your schedule. They thrill. And chill. And even help save lives!

Night Marathons and Runs in Malaysia 2017: The Best Races

Why wait for Halloween when you can sign up to run 4 runs and marathons in Malaysia that give you an opportunity to turn out at night, fight against scary causes and/or just have so much fun, the experience feels like anything but a running competition?

We’ve picked upcoming runs guaranteed to challenge you, entertain you and perhaps hand you a personal best - and there’s nothing scary about that, right?

Best Night Marathons and Runs in Malaysia 2017

Men’s Health Women’s Health Night Run 2017

Night Marathons and Runs in Malaysia 2017: The Best Races That Won't Scare You

Grace the night on 22nd July 2017 at the annual Men’s Health Women’s Health Night Run, a popular event on any marathons in Malaysia list that is expected to draw a fantastic crowd of 20,000 runners. This night marathon adds zest to your running season and you needn’t worry about vampires or zombies because most of them aren’t fit enough to keep up with you, regardless of the distance you choose.

Participants and visitors to this year’s night run at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) can expect to take part in fun activities at the race village, while tuning into fantastic beats curated by a DJ. Long, flat roads lead to prizes for the top finishers, so whether you’re a man or a woman, don’t be afraid of the dark on the night run made for insomniacs!

Cat City Marathon 2017

Night Marathons and Runs in Malaysia 2017: The Best Races

Don’t be frightened of the huge cat looming over the start line when you approach it to run the Cat City Marathon 2017 on 23rd July 2017 at Jubilee Ground, Kuching. You might wish you had nine lives if you intend to undertake the daunting 42km distance that’s at the top of the day’s programme, but otherwise, the 21km half, 10km or 5km events may be all you require to treat yourself to a bowl of milk at the end of the race.

As one of the liveliest marathons in Malaysia, you’ll delight in the exotic beauty of Kuching at the event organised by the City Jogger’s Club since 2014. Meow as loud as you like if it increases your speed or stamina. By the way, if you run into one or more black cats along the race route, no worries. Sometimes, black cats bring good luck to those who cross their paths. Feel free to purr all you like at the finish line.

Electric Run Malaysia 2017

Night Marathons and Runs in Malaysia 2017: The Best Races

We don’t want to shock you when we suggest you sign up for the Electric Run Malaysia 2017 scheduled on 29th July at Anjung Floria, Putrajaya. The night will be lit up like a Chinese holiday, minus the firecrackers, of course. Called the world’s most popular fun run, the Electric Run may only be a 5km, but wait until you try to make your way through 18,000 runners of all ages in the dark.

Billed as a night race that’s more dancing than running when it appears on best marathons in Malaysia lists, you’ll have access to LED technology that is capable of connecting you to thousands of new BFFs as you travel through party zones. At the heart of this unique experience are plugged-in DJs ready to accompany all of that neon lighting with the trendiest tunes. Get creative when you choose your running outfit so you fit right in and have the (non-scary) time of your life!

Putrajaya Night Marathon 2017

Night Marathons and Runs in Malaysia 2017: The Best Races That Won't Scare You

Staged at Presint 3, Putrajaya on 4th November 2017, the Putrajaya Night Marathon is going to be one of Malaysia's Largest Night Marathons in the majestic city of lights.

The purpose of this best marathons in Malaysia race is so important, even the last year's theme conveyed a message of urgency: “Define your inner strength.” You will have to exert your courage, endurance and strength to cross the finishing line. Next thing you know, you’ve discovered your inner strength to achieve anything in life.

What attracts you most when you consider marathons in Malaysia? Is it the change in scenery? The opportunity to participate away from the homeland? Or do you have a mysterious reason for signing up for marathons in Malaysia that we haven’t mentioned? Don’t be frightened. Your answers help us figure out which marathons to cover on your behalf and that task never scares us!

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