Oh, Baby—Your Mum Looks Awesome Running Behind Your Stroller!

by On Nov 17, 2015
Oh, Baby—Your Mum Looks Awesome Running Behind Your Stroller!

You’re probably doing something right if your granny looks aghast every time you tuck baby into his jogging stroller so the two of you can go out for a healthy run. After all, times have changed. Your great-grand mum might not even have left home until her kids could walk, but these days, it’s common to spot running mums covering ground behind jogging strollers everywhere you go.

As a matter of fact, running mums are trendy in Singapore, as evidenced by special events staged just for this growing community, so mums and dads are introducing their offspring to their favourite sport earlier than ever. Is it okay to dress your little passenger in a running suit when you hit the running trail? Of course. It’s never too early to expose him/her to the best exercise on earth, and you’ll also benefit from these six mummy and baby running tips.

Great Tips For Running Mum and Baby

Tip #1: Safety first.

Nothing is more important, which is why you shouldn’t even bother shopping for jogging strollers until you investigate stroller recall news. Eliminating running strollers that can pose a danger gives you a smaller universe of products to consider and even before you buy one, you can scout out running paths in close proximity to your home so when baby’s ready to go, you know the area. Need we remind you to avoid busy streets, traffic and congested areas when choosing your run route?

Tip #2: It’s an age thing.

If you’re a mum who is so eager to return to her running routine, you hound your doctor until he gives his approval to start exercising, the urge to grab your newborn, tuck her into your running stroller and set off on a trial run may be strong. But we suggest hiring a babysitter instead. Until a baby is around six months old, her neck muscles aren’t strong enough to support her head, so no matter how well her neck is supported by cushioning, it’s better not to take the chance. Don’t believe us? Call your pediatrician and explain your intention. Chances are, you’ll be running alone for about six months!

Tip #3: Pick the right jogging stroller.

If you want to read authoritative consumer reportage on baby strollers, we recommend the Baby Gear Lab. This site offers so many pointers on how to evaluate, choose and use jogging strollers, it can take some time to evaluate all of this important information. One of the most interesting bits of information offered by the Lab is a question you might not have considered: How much running will you really be doing? If you’re honest, your answer can dramatically alter your stroller shopping strategy, since you might not have as much time as you once thought to run, so investing in a sensible stroller that doesn’t require you to use baby’s college fund to pay for something more extravagant than you require may be a wiser move.

Oh, Baby—Your Mum Looks Awesome Running Behind Your Stroller!

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Tip #4: Don’t make yourself crazy!

When author and mum Heidi Jacobs wrote the book “Run with Baby,” she included information that transcends the usual “if you run your body will thank you” reasoning. Jacobs gets down to specifics when touting mental health benefits you may not have read elsewhere. Jacobs speaks from personal experience when she assures readers that mums who run with baby experience more confidence, strength and a greater sense of peace than mums who run alone. Mothers with postpartum depression may especially benefit from “mummy and me” time, because the mind is cleared of destructive thoughts and one’s energy is recharged. Additionally, if you want to boost your mood, do your warm-up stretches in front of baby. She’s likely to reward you with giggles and grins!

Tip #5: Bountiful body benefits.

It goes without saying that your body will benefit from getting behind that stroller and running, but did you know that a woman’s body may be biologically programmed to perform better after a pregnancy? According to a recent The Guardian.com article, your pregnancy may improve your athletic ability by literally altering your body so it performs more efficiently. There’s mounting evidence that body changes make a difference. Think about it. Your rib cage expands during your pregnancy, enhancing your breathing capacity and an expectant mother’s heart is “essentially remodeled” so chamber capacity increases. After giving birth, the body retains some of these changes. In 2014, runner Jo Pavey won a 10,000m gold medal at age of 40, 11 months after giving birth. Pavey gives all credit to her post-baby body and altered hormonal profile!

Tip #6: Don’t run alone!

Marathon-friendly Singapore is about to get a new kid on the block on 17 January 2016. That’s when Stroller Race Singapore kicks off, adding a much-needed racing niche to the country’s list of specialty events. This run encourages families to compete in a community setting, giving mums, dads and kids opportunities to socialize and have fun.

What can you expect if you participate? Parents pushing prams, strollers, pushchairs and anything mobile that passes muster with race organizers. The run route includes familiar landmarks like Sports Hub, Kallang District and Sheares Bridge, and after crossing the finish line, everyone’s invited to a family-focused carnival at OCBC Square, where prizes, lucky draws and entertainment await. If you’ve been looking for pointers to develop your stroller running techniques, show up and observe! Introduce yourself to the winner and ask her advice. It’s likely to be as helpful as ours!

Stroller Race Singapore

When: 17th January 2016, Sunday
Time: 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Where: Singapore Sports Hub/ Kallang
Participation Cost: 5km Stroller Run/Walk - $65 (1 runner and stroller), 5km Family Run - S$65, Kid Dash - $35.
Visit: Stroller Race 2016 Singapore

Other Upcoming Mum Friendly Running Events

My Gym Strollerton

When: 29th Nov 2015, Sunday
Time: 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Where: Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park
Participation Cost: S$90.00 (Family Package – 2A+1C), S$50.00 (Adult), S$10.00 (Child), S$10.00 (Grandparent-55yrs & above)
Visit: My Gym Strollerton

National Play Day Stroller Walk

When: 19th Dec 2015, Saturday
Time: 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Where: Singapore Sports Hub, Singapore
Participation Cost: S$28.00 (Happy Family Bundle)
Visit: National Play Day Stroller Walk

Have you had a funny, interesting or unusual experience as a direct result of using a jogging stroller to run with your baby? How about sharing it with us?

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