Introducing two new designs at once isn’t a bad idea when a collection includes two options that are distinct and manufactured so adroitly, runners are eager to experience for themselves the newest styles and technology produced only by Puma, already a legend in running footwear.

Here’s what runners said after trying each pair:

Max cushioning with improved efficiency for long runs.

Deviate Nitro

Max cushion meets max comfort for every run.

Magnify Nitro

Let’s find out more about them.

Deviate Nitro

The Deviate Nitro takes propulsion to stratospheric heights offering maximum cushioning with improved efficiency for the longest run on any athlete’s list of challenges. So lightweight, testers say they forget they’re wearing shoes, but despite that, cushioning is minimal compared to heavier footwear.

Carbon fiber propulsion INNOPLATE literally acts as a propulsion mechanism, moving wearers forward with every footfall, no matter the running surface

In addition to fit and material, runners stay safer – especially fans of night runs – because every inch of these running shoes reflect light day or night thanks to the embellishments added to exteriors.

The highly-durable PUMAGRIP rubber compound used to craft the Deviate Nitro grip the ground so solidly, runners say they feel more confident that their runs will be safe as well as fulfilling.

Further, runners can feel confident that the heel designed for this shoe won’t let them down since the heel TPU piece contributes to both stability and visibility.

Don’t deviate when it comes to quality and brand. The Nitro is everything a runner seeks in a contemporary shoe produced by a company that continues to innovate with every new collection.

Magnify Nitro

This newly introduced style shows discriminating runners that despite a shared DNA, each new Nitro design belonging to the same “family” offers unique benefits. What makes it unique?

For starters, this shoe is made with the thickest degree of Nitro material of all, so runners seeking maximum cushioning with awesome comfort and softness needn’t look further than this model.

That stated, the premium engineered mesh upper won’t disappoint. It hosts a molded heel to supports every inch of a foot while offering outstanding ventilation properties.

Engineering excellence delivered. Runners enjoy enhanced cushioning courtesy of a healthy allotment of NITRO foam, which is why Puma product developers set out to achieve a fit that showcases one shoes ability to double down on maximum cushioning in concert with maximum comfort.

Credit the linear last developed at Puma labs where scientists use bio-mechanical equations to formulate new designs, so from from the molded heel TPU piece to the high-rebound EVA material, synchronicity is assured.

All-surface traction is one of the biggest benefits runners receive when donning a pair of Magnify Nitros and the heavy infusion of rubber promises even marathon runners the most integrity and longevity a space-age shoe is capable of delivering.

Runners seeking the ultimate in comfort and technology will find it hard to take a pass on the NITRO Magnify, given the model name: This new shoe is made to magnify every athlete’s running experience.

Every shoe is a winner

All the 2 models was launched since 1 July, 2021. Runners eager to try on one of these styles can purchase online now at

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