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Race Away to South Korea: The Ultimate Mix of Sports & Tourism

by On Jun 10, 2014
Race Away to South Korea: The Ultimate Mix of Sports & Tourism

For the first time, Dynasty Travel in Singapore is organising 2 tour packages to Korea that will include a marathon race in Jeju Island or Chuncheon City.

Race Away to South Korea: The Ultimate Mix of Sports & Tourism

Enjoy Tour and Race Packages to Jeju Island or Chuncheon City

With support from the Korea Tourism Organisation, Gangwon Province, Jeju Special Province, and Asiana Airlines, Dynasty Travel is launching exclusive tour packages to join the Chosunilbo Chuncheon Marathon OR the Jeju Mandarine International Marathon. Prices start from S$1,238 per person for an 8 or 7 day travel programme, inclusive of race entry to the marathon.

Enjoy a waiver of the marathon registration fees, as well as invitation to the Dynasty Gala Dinner, where you can win Asiana Airlines air tickets to any Asiana Airlines flight destination.

Jeju Island: Home to South Korea’s Highest Mountain

  • 8 days 6 nights, Jeju Mandarine International Marathon 2014
  • From S$1,588 + S$380 taxes (price and airport taxes subject to changes)
  • Departure: 12 November 2014
Race Away to South Korea: The Ultimate Mix of Sports & Tourism

8D6N Itinerary for Jeju Mandarine International Marathon 2014. Click on the image to view the enlarged version.

Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Jeju Island is an island unmatched in natural splendour, containing stunning coastal rock formations and the finest system of cave lava tubes in the world.

You will get to familiarise yourself with the scenic volcanic island before race day, visiting natural landmarks such as the Yongduam Rock – an unusual lava formation in the shape of a dragon, and the Jeju Teddy Bear Museum.

With its beautiful temperate climate (temperatures rarely go below freezing even in winter), the Jeju Mandarine International Marathon on 16 November 2014 will deliver an exciting challenge for runners, with its hilly terrain and strong winds. You’ll get to see magnificent coastal views as well as Hallasan, which is South Korea’s highest mountain, standing at an impressive 1,950 metres above sea level.

There are full marathon, half marathon, 10km and 5km categories for the Jeju Mandarine International Marathon, so runners of all levels can still join in the fun!

One last bonus: Foreigners who complete the Jeju Mandarine International Marathon will get a box of locally grown Jeju mandarin oranges for free!

View more details here.

Race Away to South Korea: The Ultimate Mix of Sports & Tourism

Chuncheon City: Enjoy the Tranquil Uiamho Lake Waterfront

  • 7 days 5 nights, ChunCheong International Marathon 2014
  • From S$1,238 + S$370 taxes (price and airport taxes subject to changes)
  • Departure: 24 October 2014
Race Away to South Korea: The Ultimate Mix of Sports & Tourism

7D5N Itinerary for ChunCheon International Marathon 2014. Click on the image to view the enlarged version.

The 8D6N package includes a 2 night stay in Jeju Island, experiencing various landmarks including the Seongsan Sunrise Peak – a volcanic crater offering a splendid view by the coast.

After the Jeju Island stay, head down over to Gangwan-do to prepare for the Chosunilbo Chuncheon Marathon (also known as the Chuncheon International Marathon)!

Held on 26 October 2014, there will be 2 categories: the full marathon distance as well as a 10km run. The race course will take place on flat ground and along the Uiamho Lake waterfront, providing peaceful and beautiful scenery in the fall season.

View more details here.

Finish Your South Korea Trip with Shopping in Seoul

The experience of running in Korea is exhilarating, especially during the autumn season. The climate is much cooler than Singapore and after the race, participants can also have the time to tour around Gangwon-do, Gyeonggi-do or Jeju Island.

After race day, all tour packages will bring you to Seoul, where you’ll get to visit the Korean Ginseng Centre Showroom as well as Myeongdong Shopping Street.

Afterwards, celebrate with the Dynasty Gala Dinner, where the lucky draw grand prize would be a ride to any worldwide destination on Asiana Airlines.

Venture to South Korea for New Challenges

While most runners participate in one or more of the international marathons available in Singapore annually, more are looking at the opportunity to venture beyond Singapore to participate in marathons overseas.

Don’t worry if you feel underprepared, as sports clinics will soon be organised to gear you up for running in South Korea, with more information to be released soon.

Besides K-drama and K-pop, South Korea is fast becoming an exciting place for unique running experiences. Dynasty Travel plans to send about 300 travellers with special departure dates in October and November 2014.

With Dynasty Travel, now’s your chance to run a race in South Korea, and family members of participants are also welcome to join them for the trip for support!

Tour packages start from S$1,238, and enquiries for tour packages may be made at Dynasty Travel.

The Chosunilbo Chuncheon Marathon will take place on 26 October 2014 in Chuncheon City, while the Jeju Mandarine International Marathon will take place on 16 November 2014 in Jeju Island.

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