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11 Reasons You Should Join the Shape Run 2019

by On Jul 15, 2019

Celebrate Singapore, and get to know more about the fascinating all-women's Shape Run!

11 Reasons You Should Join the Shape Run in 2019

Singapore has a very rich culture entwined with running. In the 1920s, the sport of running emerged during the Kampong Era, when runners would run barefoot. Japanese occupation led to decades of strife, but in the 1960s, running was mandated as a way to honor and defend the country. By the 1970s, runners were wearing shoes, and the sport started getting more and more popular.

Runners during this time would often flock to East Coast Park, which has a 15km coastline perfect for running long distances. The first ever Singapore International Marathon was held in 1982, which has led to many other running competitions, including vertical stair marathons up some of Singapore's tallest buildings.

In 2006, women stepped into the limelight with the first Shape Run. Each year since, the Shape Run has brought together thousands of women to celebrate their bravery and and camaraderie.

11 Reasons You Should Join the Shape Run in 2019

Photo Credit: Shape Run

The Shape Run

The Shape Run is an all-women's running event held in Singapore every year. There are other category such as the 5 km and 1.8 km family run as well. Since it began in 2006, over 107,000 participants have run in the Shape Run, making it the leading all-women's running event in Singapore. The next Shape Run will be held Sunday, 25 August 2019.

11 Reasons You Should Join the Shape Run in 2019

Photo Credit: Shape Run

Reasons You Should Join the Shape Run

The Shape Run is an excellent way to foster team spirit, to feel wonderful about yourself, and to enjoy a great sense of community and togetherness. You are encouraged to participate for both physical and mental health benefits.

Here are some other reasons you'll want to join the Shape Run:

  • Take part in running workshops that are run by expert trainers
  • You will get to run alongside motivating female pacers who will help coach you to success
  • You will be motivated to meet your goals, and you will get a lot out of the experience
  • There are lots of other activities and fun exercises led by instructors from TFX, True Group’s latest premium fitness club at the Shape Run
  • Participants get really cool goodie bags that include items like tank tops, skincare products, drinks, snacks, gym certificates, and even gift vouchers to the spa
    The experience is enlightening and challenging
  • If you're not from Singapore, then you will get to visit Singapore
  • The environment is family friendly, with a 1.8 km event that is perfect for families with children
  • Running in and of itself encourages a healthier lifestyle
  • There is an amazing sense of solidarity among the women who participate in the Shape Run
  • Girl power! Need I say more?
11 Reasons You Should Join the Shape Run in 2019

A sneak peek at this year’s Shape Run tank top. and presenting the Shape Run 2019 goodie bag designed by the very talented Singaporean artist Ang Ku Kueh Girl.

As you can see, there are many reasons you should join the Shape Run this year. Women of all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds can come together for an amazing, empowering event that is built upon celebration, camaraderie, strength, family, friendship, and love.

If you'd like to know more about the Shape Run, prices, and how to register, be sure to register at Spacebib. Special Spacebib price is going on now, so be sure to join today for the race of your life!

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