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Singapore Marathons and Half Marathons: Why Join a Marathon in Singapore?

by On Mar 13, 2017

Singapore Marathons are a way of life in our nation. Whether you’ve already run one on home turf or you’re a newbie seeking to be initiated into this amazing community, no excuses after reading this article!

Singapore Marathons and Half Marathons: Why Join a Marathon in Singapore?

Whazzup in the months ahead? Marathons aplenty that are guaranteed to quench your competitive appetite. Grab your calendar. Check those running shoes. Make 2017 your year to sign up for these upcoming running events:

Sundown Marathon Singapore

The OSIM Sundown Marathon Singapore 2017 is more than a race: it’s an institution. On 25th March, opt for the full marathon, 21km half or get your baptism by fire at the 10km Challenge or 5km Fun Run. This ultra-cool night brings out the best mix of people you’ll have the good fortune to meet. It’s a party. It’s a tradition. It could be the event that pushes you to sign up for more hometown events this year.

Singapore Marathons and Half Marathons: Why Join a Marathon in Singapore?

2XU Compression Run

Since the 2XU Compression Run 2017 on 2nd April is so close to the Sundown Marathon, choose just one when you sort your Singapore Marathons calendar so you don’t compromise your race recovery process. The 2XU Compression run offers variety for the experienced and excitement for the not-so-experienced within these categories: the 21.1km, 10km and 5km. The first is a great way to prepare yourself for the wonderful world of marathon running in Singapore.

Singapore Marathons and Half Marathons: Why Join a Marathon in Singapore?

National Vertical Marathon

What goes up must come down, particularly if you and your calf muscles decide to tackle the National Vertical Marathon 2017 on 21st May. Always thought you’d like to try one of these crazy stairwell experiences but the opportunity hasn’t presented itself? We’re throwing down the gauntlet; the time has come. Expect to complete this vertical with stairwell stories to tell that leave friends and family amazed and entertained.

Singapore Marathons and Half Marathons: Why Join a Marathon in Singapore?

The Runners League Singapore

On 10th June, the inaugural Running League kicks off, putting a new spin on Singapore running series. First in the series is at the serene Coney Island giving runners two options: 5km and 10km. Leg 2 takes place on 26th August at Gardens By The Bay and offers the same distance choices, as does the third slated for 7th October at Siloso Beach Walk.

Add the last leg in the Runner’s League series in December (To be confirmed) at an undisclosed location until one month before the race to make this a four-event series that lets you combine, for example, four 5km runs to rack up 20kms or four 10km runs that gets you as close to a full 42km marathon as it gets.

Singapore Marathons and Half Marathons: Why Join a Marathon in Singapore?

7 reasons to commit yourself to a Singapore Marathon

Ask any competitive runner and she’ll tell you that there’s no more gratifying feeling than running on one’s home turf. You know the area. You understand the environment. And bringing your own cheering squad along is a bonus. Besides, there are important personal reasons to compete here in Singapore:

  1. You get an opportunity to achieve a goal — no matter the outcome — that may have heretofore felt impossible. Don’t discount the ego boost you get competing at home.
  2. Do you struggle with a lack of confidence? Crossing the finish line of a Singapore-based marathon can remedy that situation, making you feel you can do anything you decide to accomplish.
  3. Marathons are unique tests runners give to themselves to see if they can transcend their own expectations. Your body will ache and you’ll wonder what you’ve got yourself into but keep going and amaze yourself.
  4. Learn to play well with others! This childhood admonition couldn’t be more relevant for those engaging in Singapore Marathons. Discover compassion and tenderness for others who may need your strength and support.
  5. Singapore Marathons make outstanding metaphors. You make mistakes. Correct them. Learn from them and figure out how to avoid making those mistakes again, all amid the familiar territory of your community.
  6. Singapore Marathons are “breeding grounds” for friendships! Nothing compares to suffering the rigours of a marathon alongside others, and once all is said and done, few leave the after-party having collected contact information from neighbours. Need we mention the number of marriages resulting from marathon meet-ups?
  7. Marathons change a person. You may not notice it immediately, but it’s inevitable that you find in Singapore Marathons answers to important lessons that can be applied everywhere. What better place to discover that you’re empowered and tenacious than while running a marathon in your homeland? We can’t think of a single one!

When you’re asked what you love most about participating in running events here in Singapore, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? We’re eager to read your responses.

Nathaniel is a disciplined casual runner and a lover of bananas. As a columnist for RunSociety, he is always on the lookout for exciting and controversial topics that touch the heart of the running community in Singapore, often adding in his funny observations. He has embarked on a mission to start a world class running group in Asia.

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