Standard Chartered marathons give people from around the world the chance to compete in events that test their endurance and will power. Participating in such a marathon takes a great deal of dedication and training. For this reason, these events sponsored by Standard Chartered are helpful for promoting a healthier lifestyle, and motivate people to strive to achieve more in their lives. The following are some of the most popular Standard Chartered marathons held around the world.

Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon

Photo Credit: Standard Chartered HK Marathon

Date: Winter. The most recent marathon was on 25 January 2015.
Country/Location: Hong Kong, China
First Started: 1997 (originally called Hong Kong-Shenzhen Marathon)
Highest Number of Participants: 73,000 in 2015
Introduction: This marathon is rated as n IAAF (International Association of Athletics) Silver Label Road Race. This is considered one of the world’s more challenging marathons because of difficult terrain and the region’s humid weather.

Standard Chartered KL Marathon

Photo Credit: Standard Chartered KL Marathon

Date: Fall. The most recent race took place on 12 October 2014. The next one will be on Sunday, 4 October 2015.
Country/Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
First Started/ Year Running: 2009
Highest Number of Participants: 35,200 runners in 2014
Introduction: This race passes through several historic landmarks, such as the Sultan Abdul Samad building, the King’s Palace, the National Mosque and the Dataran Merdeka.

Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon

Photo Credit: National Jogging Association of Thailand

Date: Fall. The next race will be held on 15 November 2015.
Country/Location: Bangkok, Thailand
First Started/ Year Running: 1988; sponsored by Standard Chartered since 2006.
Highest Number of Participants: Over 50,000 in 2014
Introduction: This race, one of the most popular in Thailand, begins and ends at The Royal Grand Palace at Sanam Chai Road. Sanctioned by AIMS (The Association of International Marathons and Road Races), the full marathon covers a total of 42.195 km. It’s also possible to participate in a half marathon or a mini marathon, which is 10km.

Taipei Standard Chartered Charity Marathon

Photo Credit: Taipei Standard Chartered Charity Marathon 2015

Date: Winter. The most recent marathon was on 8 February 2015.
Country/Location: Taipei, Taiwan
First Started: 2013
Highest Number of Participants: 36,000 in 2014
Introduction: This race has become the 10th Marathon sponsored by the Standard Chartered Bank and has the record-breaking number of 200 visually impaired runners, 200 running buddies and 3 guide dogs at the event.

Standard Chartered Half Marathon Indonesia

Photo Credit: Jakarta Free Spirit Running Club

Date: Fall, November. The most recent marathon was on 23 November 2014.
Country/Location: Tangerang, Indonesia
First Started: 2010
Highest Number of Participants: 3,500 in 2014
Introduction: The longest distance for this event is 21km. The winner of both Indonesian men’s and women’s 21K category will usually be fully sponsored to participate in the same category at Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore.

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon

Photo Credit: Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon

Date: Third Sunday of January each year. Last race was on 18 January 2015.
Country/Location: Mumbai, India
First Started/ Year Running: 2004
Highest Number of Participants: 40,485 participants in 2015
Introduction: This is Asia’s largest marathon, with six different categories. The full marathon consists of 42.194 km. There are also events for seniors, and people with disabilities.

Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon

Photo Credit: Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2015

Date: Winter. Last race was on 23 January 2015.
Country/Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
First Started/ Year Running: 2000
Highest Number of Participants: More than 25,000 participants in 2015
Introduction: The Dubai Marathon is one of the largest and richest marathons in the world, with prizes of US$200,000 going to the male and female winners. The full marathon, which begins at the Madinat Jumeirah and passes landmarks such as the Grand Mosque , Jumeirah Beach Park and The One & Only Mirage Hotel, is a 42.195km race. There are also 10km and 4km races.

The Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore

Date: Winter. The most recent race was 7 December 2014.
Country/Location: Singapore, Singapore
First Started/ Year Running: 2002
Highest Number of Participants: 65,000 runners participated in 2011
Introduction: The Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS) is the major running event of Singapore. When it was first held in 2002, it attracted 6,000 runners. In 2011, 65,000 runners participated, which was the race’s peak year. This race takes place in December, and features a half marathon and 10km race in addition to the full marathon. The route of the race passes through well known landmarks such as Sentosa and the Esplanade.

Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon

Photo Credit: Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon

Date: Fall. The most recent race was held 26 October 2014.
Country/Location: Nairobi, Kenya
First Started/ Year Running: 2003
Highest Number of Participants: More than 25,000 runners in 2014
Introduction: For several years, this race was part of The Greatest Race on Earth, where participants had to run in Hong Kong, Singapore and Mumbai as well as Nairobi. Because Kenya has so many great runners, this is an event where a native Kenyan usually wins the race. In addition to the 42km full marathon, there is a half marathon and 4km Family Fun race.

Standard Chartered Stanley Marathon

Photo Credit: Maratón de las Islas

Date: Spring. Next scheduled race is 22 March 2015.
Country/Location: Stanley, Falkland Islands
First Started/ Year Running: 2005
Highest Number of Participants: 60 in 2014
Introduction: The Stanley Marathon has the distinction of being the southernmost marathon sanctioned by AIMS. This is one of the world’s more challenging race due to the region’s unpredictable weather and strong winds. Like other Standard Charter marathons, the Stanley Marathon raises money for charities, such as Seeing is Believing, an organisation dedicated to restoring sight to blind people around the world.

Standard Chartered Jersey Marathon

Photo Credit: Jersey Marathon

Date: Fall, October. Next race is scheduled for 4 October 2015.
Country/Location: Jersey, Channel Islands
First Started/ Year Running: 2006
Highest Number of Participants: 2,500 runners in 2014
Introduction: The original race in 2006 only attracted 300 runners. This is still one of the smaller Standard Chartered marathons. Another difference between this race and many larger ones is that the course is largely rural, with some of it covering country lanes. In addition to the full marathon, there is a 3km Fun Run and a Relay Race for team competition.

Standard Chartered Marathons History

Standard Chartered marathons are some of the most exciting running events in the world. They take runners to many exotic and diverse locations. Have you taken part in any Standard Chartered marathon? If you want to travel to one of these amazing locations and give it your best, you should begin training as soon as possible!

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