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The Polar A370 Fitness Tracker Can Even Improve the Quality of Your Sleep!

by On Sep 9, 2017

Some activity trackers keep tabs on your heart. Others focus on reportage. Only the Polar A370 was designed to care for your whole body—and that includes making sure you get enough good sleep.

The Polar A370 Fitness Tracker Can Even Improve the Quality of Your Sleep!

Is it possible to own a device that has the capability of running a huge segment of your life? That's exactly what Polar had in mind when the world's leading innovator of heart rate monitoring, training computers and activity trackers set about engineering the recently-introduced Polar A370.

Walk, run, work out and undertake all manner of physical pursuits and your heart rate is measured at five-minute intervals. Put your body into overdrive and readings are delivered faster courtesy of a 3D accelerometer that literally recognizes the motion of wrist movements during intense activity. Everything is synthesized and analyzed by the tracker's brain, so you not only get readings on your physical status but recommendations for reaching activity goals.

The Polar A370 Fitness Tracker device is so intuitive and helpful, it's indispensable for those leading busy lives—runners who most appreciate all of the time and help they get managing work/family/recreational time while giving wearers feedback specifically related to one's lifestyle, needs and goals. Polar innovators developing the A370 give you the ability to receive a perpetual "picture of fitness based on the intersection of activity, rest and recovery."

Can a device be any more attuned to today's runner? The answer is yes. Sure, your heart rate is monitored when you're awake but what many owners consider the most advantageous feature of all is the Polar Sleep Plus feature and Polar Flow app that can literally enhance your capacity for sleep and make sure you get enough of it.

"To sleep perchance to dream" – William Shakespeare

Are you curious about why Polar is so focused on your sleep when in fact, their wrist devices were invented to track activity so wearers stay fit? According to the Cleveland Clinic, if you don't get enough sleep you negate all of the progress you achieve working out and eating healthy foods. If you miss 1.5 hours of sleep a night, your memory suffers, your moods can be impacted and the quality of your life may decline.

The Polar A370 Fitness Tracker Can Even Improve the Quality of Your Sleep!

Continue to miss sleep and you put yourself at higher risk for developing high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, obesity and depression. No matter how many hours you run, you can't offset damage done to a body flooded with the stress hormone cortisol that's a direct result of sleep deprivation.

That's why Polar's Global Chief Strategy Officer Marco Suvilaaskso says making a decision to focus on healthy sleep patterns became a focal point when the A370 was developed.

"With Polar Sleep Plus and Polar Flow, your data is analyzed to provide guidance that helps you better understand your sleep habits and the impact they have on your fitness, health and quality of life."

How complicated is the Polar Sleep Plus feature to use? It's a breeze. And that's the beauty of the Polar 370, a product that's going to look after you almost as well as your mum does!

Can you put a price on a healthy life? The answer is no. But you can take care of all aspects of that life both day and night with this state-of-the-art product that delivers on style, efficiency and tracking data. Had the Polar A370 been available back in Shakespeare's day, we're pretty sure he would have owned one!

The Polar A370 Fitness Tracker Can Even Improve the Quality of Your Sleep!

What you'll love about the Polar A370

  • It's sophisticated, waterproof, attractive and sensitive down to the vibrant glass lens touch display and vibrating notification feature.
  • It's brand new, so if you like being the newest person in your crowd to acquire the latest and greatest personal technology on the planet, you’re going to attract attention.
  • The Polar Smart Coaching feature collects data on everything but your love life: activity benefits, calorie counting and training. All of this data is delivered with accuracy and precision via contemporary algorithms so there's no second guessing about the accuracy of information captured by the A370.
  • Take a step into the future courtesy of a heart rate monitor that has no equal, says Tom Fowler, president of Polar USA. The future is in 24-hour heart monitoring, not traditional sporadic reporting delivered by other trackers. Paired with Polar's state-of-the-art sleep monitoring functions, this device beats the competition by a mile.
  • Compromise aesthetics in the name of function? Hardly. Designers chose a rainbow of interchangeable bands in black, white, ruby red, petrol, deep blue and orange, so for an additional sum, you get a wardrobe of hues to match everything in your closet.

Smart. Intuitive. Accurate. Invaluable! The Polar A370 sets new standards in terms of features and benefits so why would you settle for anything less?

The Polar A370 is available in white or black colour, Medium/Large, Small size for S$299 at the official online store. Order Polar A370 between 4 September and 12 November 2017 and get a free extra wristband in the color of your choice.

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