In commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the arrival of our founder of modern Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles, the i Light Singapore – Bicentennial Edition is back this year again to showcase its fascinating art installations by various of artists from 15 different countries. From the 28th January 2019 – 24th February 2019, stop running in parks or gyms and take this opportunity to head out to town and run along these beautiful Singapore bridges.

Festival and Urban Redevelopment Authority director for place management, Mr Jason Chen mentioned:

This connection is about how we have seen people coming to Singapore before 1819 and after 1819, forming communities and how these individuals were able to prosper in Singapore, setting up their homes here. They also reached out to the world and the region.

Keeping with the festival’s theme “Bridges of Time”, light art installations will be displayed on the following bridges:

Helix Bridge (The Time Vortex)

What if time travelling was possible?

The Time Vortex installation attracts visitors from all walks of life to walk towards the tempting vortex that comes to life along the Helix Bridge. Visitors can now indulge themselves within the aesthetic moving lights whizzing through space as they slow down time to snap beautiful memories of it. Regardless of race, language or religion, everyone will be naturally drawn to this wonderful space while having the opportunity to interact with one another.

Designed by Netherlands artist duo Paul Vendel and Sandra de Wolf, their works include large permanent sculptures for public spaces as well as temporary installations while using recognisable and existing objects or materials. Nature and technology are their main sources of inspiration as they take this opportunity to play with the idea of time travelling.

Photo Credit: i Light Singapore 2019

Jubilee Bridge (Oriflammes)

Preferably at night, the Jubilee Bridge will be lighted up with hundred of vertical flags animated by kaleidoscopic lighting as Oriflammes flaps with the gentle breeze. This artwork combines light, colours and movement as the connecting ends of the bridge is displayed with a ray of dynamic colours. Crossing the bridge is like a journey towards new horizons.

Created by French artist Sebastien Lefevre, his career in lightings for the performing arts was mainly focus on transforming architectural landscapes with luminous scenography. He is proud to present his work for the very first time in Singapore after many successions from countries such as Belgium, Germany, Lyon, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and UAE.

Photo Credit: i Light Singapore 2019

Esplanade Bridge (Time Frame)

After experiencing time travelling, travel down Singapore’s memory lane under the Esplanade bridge, along with the Time Frame installation. In commemoration of Singapore’s Bicentennial, visitors will get a glimpse of Singapore’s outstanding development through the means of technology. A carpet of information such as population figures, to the number of e-mails sent will be projected in real time to report, celebrate and engender awareness on the development of Singapore over the years in relation to the world.

This fantastic light installation was visualised by DONIS, an international multidisciplinary office founded in 2009 by Fernando Donis. The studio has won several international first prizes such as the ThyssenKrupp Architecture Award in 2009, the National Palace of Justice in Paris and the design of an Olympic emblem for London in 2012.

Photo Credit: i Light Singapore 2019

Anderson Bridge (Time Rhythm)

Time is represented by rhythms while Music is used to connect people and express emotions. Time Rhythm exhibits time passing through musical rhythms of Singapore through visual patterns. This gigantic light metronome artwork will shine through different timescapes, transforming the entire bridge into a musical instrument, playing with slow and fast tempos, evolution and even silence.

Daily show timings are as follow:

  • 7:45 pm, 8:15 pm, 8:45 pm, 9:15 pm, 9:45 pm, 10:15 pm, 10:45 pm

Additionals show timings on Fridays & Saturdays:

  • 11:15 pm, 11:45 pm
Photo Credit: i Light Singapore 2019

Cavenagh Bridge (Where do stories begin/Where do stories end)

This is a two-part, text-based and site-specific LED neon lights installation that displays on both sides of Cavenagh bridge. “Where Do Stories Begin” will be seen against a view of Boat Quay while “Where Do Stories End” will be displayed at the other side with Marina Bay Sands as its backdrop.

Showcased by Singapore artist Michael Lee and interdisciplinary art duo Perception3, this lights installation invites visitors to consider the notion of history as a series of layered stories that unfold and fold into one another perpetually. Perception3 artist Regina De Rozario mentioned:

One of the key themes we were interested in was the idea of narratives, and how layered narratives are… not just historical narratives, but personal ones.

Photo Credit: i Light Singapore 2019

Elgin Bridge

Elgin Bridge Underpass (Good Fortune)

Sunshine comes to all who feels the rain. This light installation is a visualisation of rain inspired by emotions it causes in different cultures. For some, it sparks the omen for storms or even floods while for some others, it brings joys within sorrows.

Displayed by Poland artists Olga Grybowicz and Kasper Hein, this work is a compound of feelings caused by the phenomenon, attempting to create a moment of reflection in viewers.

Photo Credit: i Light Singapore 2019

Elgin Bridge (Run Beyond)

Take a leap of faith, overcome those fears and constraints that hold you back. Run Beyond is an installation that inspires people to make use the power of imagination or have an opened mind to other cultures, new friendships and other unknown horizons. On top of that, this art installation was inspired by the island state’s rapid development.

Turin-born artist Angelo Bonello mentioned:

I’ve always seen Singapore as fast-running and jumping into the future.

Therefore, created this series of LED figures in different stages of a leap, which come aglow in succession.

Photo Credit: i Light Singapore 2019

Do not let this opportunity slip past, these bridges are lighted up for a limited period of time only!

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