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Singapore Ultramarathoner Lim Nghee Huat Shares On His Toughest Run

by On Jun 8, 2015
Singapore Ultramarathoner Lim Nghee Huat Has a Secret He'd Like to Share With You!

If you did not know him previously, you should know him by now as, over the last 50 days, he has been ploughing through Singapore's roads and park connectors daily, covering 50 km each day. He is none other than Singapore’s seasoned ultramarthoner, Mr Lim Nghee Huat. At the age of 62, he has completed 50 km over 50 continuous days with another of Singapore’s renowned ultramarthoners, Mr Yong Yuen Cheng.

“This is the toughest run I have ever experienced… it is not my body, but the heat that affects me…”

commented Mr Lim, who has been through some of the planet’s toughest foot races. His accomplishments include holding the record for 168 km run around the island organised by NTU in 2005, completed 218 km in the Run Round Singapore in 2010 and is the first Singaporean who successfully completed 217 km in California’s scorching Death Valley in 2013. His lean frame holds not only a body of strength and grit, but a heart of gold too.

Singapore Ultramarathoner Lim Nghee Huat Has a Secret He'd Like to Share With You!

“I only participate in races if there is a cause to run for.”

Indeed, Mr Lim managed to raise funds amounting to six-digit figures for financially challenged students in several of his runs.

While on his toiling journey, which he has just completed, many were concerned with his health.

“I am very careful…we don’t do dangerous things that will be harmful to ourselves,"Mr Lim asserted.

On roads that are not conducive for running, he will walk; when the sun gets merciless, he knows he must not push himself unnecessarily.

“Every morning, I check my heart rate, make sure that my limbs are all alright before deciding to set off.”

Singapore Ultramarathoner Lim Nghee Huat Has a Secret He'd Like to Share With You!

He is careful with what he eats and drinks, and Mrs Deborah Lim, Mr Lim’s ever-supportive wife, takes care of his hydration needs throughout his whole journey unstintingly. With three of his toenails gone, his shoes serve as very important protection for his blistered feet.

To ensure both his knees function optimally throughout the challenging distance, Mr Lim lubricates them daily with a bio-lubricant gel called Flexiseq Sport. Deborah makes sure that the gel is applied around both his knees in the morning before his run, and again in the evening.

German-innovated Flexiseq Sport, contains nano-sized lubricant vesicles called Sequesome that, after application onto the skin around the joint, move through the skin and get deposited along the cartilage linings. These vesicles then lubricate and reduce friction between the cartilage layers in moving joints, soothing the whole running process.

The Sport version of Flexiseq is particularly valuable for professional athletes like Mr Lim as every batch is screened and certified by a leading drug surveillance laboratory to be free from World Anti-Doping Association’s (WADA) list of prohibited substances, giving athletes the assurance that it is competition-compliant. Without containing any drug, Flexiseq Sport is a safe option for active athletes who will want to stay active for as long as they can.

“In my previous runs, I experienced strains in my knees after covering some distances. This time round, I don't feel the strain in my knees," Mr Lim shared.

By taking good care of himself, Mr Lim Nghee Huat has completed the journey he started out on. Let us all salute him – Mr Lim, the modest man who truly embodies the spirit of endurance, perseverance and resilience.

Singapore Ultramarathoner Lim Nghee Huat Has a Secret He'd Like to Share With You!

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