It’s the Triathlon Designed for Newbies: TRI-Factor Run & RunSwim Challenge 2017

by On Jun 1, 2017

If signing up for the TRI-Factor Run Swim and Run Challenge on 2nd July sounds too daunting, we’d like to inspire you to do it anyway—especially since the registration deadline is so near!

It’s the Triathlon Designed for Newbies: TRI-Factor Run & RunSwim Challenge 2017

We want to start a fan club for Koh Boon Hui, a diminutive runner who will compete at the upcoming TRI-Factor Challenge on 2nd July. She has three young daughters to chase after, a husband she adores and she's often profiled as one of the Singapore community's role models for how to grow strong and live a healthy life. Her physical fitness commitment would be impressive in someone without a big family to care for!

Physically active since her university days, she stepped up her game over time because she has a passion for running that's only exceeded by her passion for triathlons. Want to see why we're such big fans? View this YouTube video and see if you're not tempted to join her at the TRI-Factor Series at East Coast Park, Angsana Green on 2nd July.

About the 4-step concept

If you're already a seasoned marathon runner, you probably know that triathlons aren't just popular but trendy these days. Whether this popularity has come about because athletes are drawn to more complex challenges or because the sports switch-up is twice the fun of a single-event marathon, there's no denying the trend throughout Asia.

But in concert with these multi-sport events is another trend: series of triathlons offering extended opportunities for athletes to participate in multiple races over time; like the upcoming TRI-Factor Run & RunSwim Challenge. It's the ultimate in efficiency if you like continuity. You'll run. Swim. But you don't have to bike, which makes the upcoming competition easier to undertake for newbies who want to keep things simple.

Can you do it? Why ever not? If you've already been conditioning on the trail and in the pool, the TRI-Factor is a logical next step for you. As organisers say, "It's time to unleash the athlete within." The objective? Choose the level of competition that best suits your willingness to take risks and by 3rd July, you can call yourself a two-third triathlete with a finisher's medal to prove it!

So many choices, it's like your favourite buffet

The 2017 challenge offers so many categories of events, we liken it to approaching a buffet and being told to fill our plates with the foods we love most. But instead of prawn noodles, spring rolls and chicken wings, you order from a 9-category menu, choosing one that's best suited to your appetite for competition:

  • TRI-Factor Run: 1km Introductory
  • TRI-Factor Run: 1km Competitive
  • TRI-Factor Run: 10.5km
  • TRI-Factor Run: 21km
  • TRI-Factor Run/Swim/Run: Freshmen (2.5km / 200m / 2.5km)
  • TRI-Factor Run/Swim/Run: Sprint (5.25km / 500m / 5.25km)
  • TRI-Factor Run/Swim/Run: Standard (5.25km / 1000m / 10.5km)
  • Team Relay TRI-Factor Run/Swim/Run: Sprint (5.25km / 500m / 5.25km)
  • Team Relay TRI-Factor Run/Swim/Run: Standard (5.25km / 1000m / 10.5km)
It’s the Triathlon Designed for Newbies: TRI-Factor Run & RunSwim Challenge 2017

Photo Credit: Chin KK

What to do first

According to former USA Triathlon team coach Gale Bernhard, even newbies can train for a triathlon from scratch, but since you don't have the 12 recommended weeks to get ready, you must be in relatively good shape right now. Gather your swim gear and running shoes.

You're in luck with the TRI-factor: since there is no cycling phase, your gear list is sort. Between now and the 2nd July challenge, work out five times a week (two in the pool) and then alternate swimming/running sessions to get comfortable with transitioning. Don't forget to rest.

Next, register at Spacebib. This platform will not only fill you in on all aspects of this competition as it nears but will continue to update you until the big day.

If circumstances change, you'll know about a venue-, route- or weather-related change immediately. Registration has been extended to 9th June, but categories are filling fast. If you don't snag a spot now, the category that most appeals to you could be closed.

It’s the Triathlon Designed for Newbies: TRI-Factor Run & RunSwim Challenge 2017

Photo Credit: Chin KK

It's the chance you've waited for before a triathlon

Race pack collection is set to be held between 30th June and 1st July between the hours of 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. on both days. Show up at Velocity's Atrium (238 Thompson Road) to claim your event t-shirt, race bib, timing chip, swim cap and transition wrist band. Additional items could be added to the pack by 30th June. Aim for a finisher's medal and you'll get off to a good start.

If you're tempted but timid, we urge you to find other timid souls in your crowd and ask them to join you in either the Sprint or Standard relay. Compete together. Laugh together. Prepare your first triathlon together. Once you've all completed the challenge, time to eat together and what better venue for a celebration than a great buffet?

In your opinion, why are triathlons and aquathlon so popular with Singapore runners these days?

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