Are Lorna Mair’s Bowen Therapy Techniques the Wave of the Future?

by On Oct 26, 2015
Are Lorna Mair's Bowen Therapy Techniques the Wave of the Future?

How do you establish the first Bowen Therapy healing practice in Kuala Lampur while raising two boys, keeping a husband happy and backpacking Asia effortlessly? By walking in the footsteps of Lorna Mair, a practitioner who is as willing to jump off a cliff as she is to take her youngsters to Everest Base Camp to expose them—from an early age—to the joys of a diverse world. She heals, soothes, accepts challenges other women would find daunting and offers our readers some amazing advice on how to stay pain-free.

RS: How did you discover Bowen Therapy?

Lorna: I experienced knee pain after exercising and tried ultrasound therapy, but all that did was eat up time and money. Assuming I would have to learn to live with the pain, I happened to have a conversation with the mother of my son's friend years ago, and as fate would have it, she was a Bowen therapist from the UK. She treated my knee and the results spoke for themselves: I took 14th place in the Woman's Veteran Penang 2009 Half Marathon, the first I'd ever run!

RS: What's the difference between Bowen and other therapies?

Lorna: Unlike pounding and deep tissue massage, Bowen is a gentle, holistic approach to relieving body pain. Bowen therapists operate on the premise that damaged, tense fascia (soft connective tissue) manifests as pain elsewhere in the body, so this non-manipulative, hands-on treatment is gentle and methodical. Critical to the process are "breaks" the therapist takes during the session, so fascia has time to relax and respond.

RS: As a result of Bowen Therapy, what benefits does the client enjoy?

Lorna: Fast pain relief! Clients don't have to keep returning week after week to find pain relief because it typically takes from one to three Bowen sessions—three for chronic, long-standing pain—to bring relief.

Are Lorna Mair's Bowen Therapy Techniques the Wave of the Future?

RS: Have you experienced situations where Bowen Therapy didn't work?

Lorna: A few. If a client shows no improvement after three sessions, I recommend stopping and suggest she see a medical practitioner.

RS: Do runners, specifically, benefit from Bowen therapy? Is it only used for recovery and injuries?

Lorna: The answers are yes and no! Bowen techniques help athletes, no matter what their sport may be. For example, Team GB elite runners use Bowen for injury recovery and enjoy reduced recovery time and fewer injuries. Many report their endurance improves after therapy. I have had terrific success treating shin splints. One runner said that her recovery time went from two-to-three months to two-to-three days!

RS: Explain how Bowen Therapy is performed; do you use tools?

Lorna: No tools involved—unless you count my hands! I use gentle rolling movements over muscles, tendons and ligaments, but the secret of Bowen Therapy is in the short breaks we take during the session. I even leave the room. Clients relax and may experience heat or tingling; most feel a profound sense of relaxation. I return and administer more rolling movements. The process is so relaxing, clients regularly fall asleep during therapy.

RS: How can our readers tell if a Bowen therapist is the real thing?

Lorna: That's a great question. Ask to see his or her credentials and/or verify accreditation via the website. Only certified therapists who have Bowen training are accredited by the worldwide organisation. Some health insurance policies even cover Bowen Therapy treatments, but I always ask clients to check with their insurer to be certain.

RS: If we wanted to learn Bowen Therapy, where should we go?

Lorna: Easy. Bowen Therapy training is available worldwide, so find the nearest instructor on the website. Training is comprehensive and includes theory and practice—case studies, anatomy and hands-on training.

RS: Having treated people of all ages, can you share a memorable story?

Lorna: Wow—that's tough because there are many, but one that comes to mind is a client who suffered jaw pain after dislocating it. I treated her, and on the following morning, she called to say she could open her mouth fully for the first time in a year! I was in tears. It's at times like this that I feel privileged to have learned this life-changing therapeutic method.

Are Lorna Mair's Bowen Therapy Techniques the Wave of the Future?

RS: Bowen Therapy is relatively new in Malaysia. Why open a clinic there?

Lorna: Because I believe that the people of Malaysia need this type of therapy and I'm delighted to provide it. I want to spread the message that the body can heal itself, even though most of us have been told it can't!

RS: Is there one accomplishment of which you are personally proud?

Lorna: Well, despite coming from a corporate background, I'm proud to have become a holistic health practitioner. It wasn't easy. At first, I couldn't even pronounce the names of muscles, let alone find them! But I was determined and motivated. By establishing the first Bowen Therapy clinic in Malaysia, I'm a pioneer. I'm also proud to have achieved my goal of running a full marathon before the age of 40!

RS: What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

Lorna: My friends say that Crazy is my middle name! I parachuted out of a plane, snorkeled with Whale sharks and jumped off a cliff into the Atlantic Ocean. I snowboard, ski, scuba dive and indulge in everything life offers because we're not on this earth for a very long time. But, for some reason, I can't bring myself to bungee jump.

RS: For what are you most grateful?

Lorna: First and foremost, my three boys. Without their support I wouldn't have been able to open Malaysia's first Bowen Therapy clinic. My studies and training required me to sacrifice a lot, but my husband and two sons supported me every step of the way.

Are Lorna Mair's Bowen Therapy Techniques the Wave of the Future?

RS: What's the most surprising thing you've learned?

Lorna: I was oblivious to the miracles of the human body and its ability to heal itself. I had no appreciation for the healing process, but thanks to my Bowen training, I'm now fully conscious about the amazing things bodies do to keep us functioning and alive.

RS: What are your upcoming goals and targets?

Lorna: My ultimate goal is spreading the word about the benefits of Bowen Therapy throughout Kuala Lumpur and beyond. I feel it's my duty to educate everyone I meet about health and wellbeing as it relates to the body's ability to heal itself. My overall mission is to spread the word that "Everyone is better with Bowen."

Lorna is one fierce warrior when it comes to making a difference on this planet and her advocacy is powerful. Does learning about Bowen Therapy compel you to try out this unusual therapeutic technique, or are you happy with the therapeutic services you currently use?

Lorna Mair is a certified and accredited Bowen Therapist, member of the Bowen Association UK and the Federation of Holistic Healers. To find out more about her and Bowen Therapy, you can visit MyBowenTherapy.

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