Live and Run Consciously With Power Couple Cherlynn Sim and Sebastian Chang

by On Sep 7, 2020

Need a dose of motivation for your next run?

The power couple on how to reward themselves in life

Living consciously can be applied to all aspects of our lives and is about being more aware of the choices that we make, from taking control of your health, to pursuing your goals and aspirations.

In running, it is about setting clear running goals and maintaining a strong and positive mentality to achieve them through both the good and bad days – because to be honest who hasn’t experienced bad days? More importantly, it is also about knowing to give yourself a big pat on your back from time to time, because you deserve it!

Today, we are featuring a power couple, Cherlynn Sim and Sebastian Chang from Singapore, to share their story and how conscious living has fuelled their running journey. Both of them have been running for almost a decade and are constantly challenging themselves to get to the next level.

The power couple Cherlynn Sim and Sebastian Chang: How running rewards them in life
From left to right: Cherlynn Sim and Sebastian Chang

RS: How did you get started in running and what fueled your passion for it?

Cherlynn: I started running out of curiosity for running a full marathon. My first run lasted a mere 400m on the treadmill! Through consistent training, I joined 10K races and completed several half marathons and finally after 3 years, I completed my first marathon.

I have also started trail and ultra running for the past 4 years, with a variation of different types of training such as Pilates to supplement my running. Most of the time, I train around Bukit Timah Hill or MacRitchie reservoir. 

Sebastian: I started running in 2012 and participated in a full marathon within 5 months. I also participated in several local and overseas marathons. With my running experience, I decided to give back to the running community by being a Pacer in 2015. Recently, I have been into the trail and ultra running and has completed a 70K trail and 100K road race.

RS: What has running taught you about yourself?

Cherlynn: Running has taught me the humility to accept failures. I’ve DNF (did not finish) races and I have learned not to beat myself over it, and work on returning stronger. This applies also to many areas in life, as it gives you the courage to try and shapes your attitudes.

RS: How has conscious living helped to improve your running journey and the community? 

Sebastian: Back in 2016, I started a running group along with two friends, the "Superherorunners". It is an all-inclusive running group that welcomes runners of all levels to improve together. We forge meaningful relationships and encourage a "giving back lifestyle" through several charity runs and green initiatives over the years.

Cherlynn: Since we started running on the trails, we learned to ‘leave no trace’, that is to dispose of waste properly and not to leave anything like gel wrappers, empty drink bottles, etc. We do this because we want to be more considerate of other visitors and also preserve wildlife as it is!

To encourage more runners to do the same, we led running groups on several occasions in ‘plogging’, a combination of jogging with picking up litter.

RS: How did you remain active and positive during challenging times (such as the Circuit Breaker)?

Cherlynn: At the beginning of circuit breaker, we bought a treadmill so that we can run safely at home, and in case there would be a complete lockdown, we would still be able to put in some miles. While running outdoors, we have learned to be more aware of our surroundings and what it takes to be socially responsible.

Sebastian: We ran more than we usually do and often during off peak hours in the afternoon sun or late nights to avoid crowding in the neighbourhood. We are definitely more tolerant of running in the heat now that we spent so many weekends in the afternoon sun.

We found some interesting posts on Cherlynn’s Instagram. Check out how she continued to motivate herself during Circuit Breaker and stay healthy!

You can follow Cherlynn and Sebastian on Instagram: @chechepompom & @imsebastianrun

RS: How do you celebrate after you’ve achieved your running goals?

Cherlynn: I take a short break and have celebratory meals with my friends and start looking for new races (goals) again.

Sebastian: The personal achievement of a race is completed whether it was slow or fast and knowing that I’ve given it my best. Keeping my consistency is my reward and because I’m always looking for challenges, I would sign up for more races.

While you work hard to pursue your running goals and aspirations, remember to take a step back from time to time to reward yourself. After reading Cherlynn and Sebastian’s story, we hope you are now inspired to empower your healthy lifestyle just like them and start living consciously today.

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The power couple Cherlynn Sim and Sebastian Chang: How running rewards them in life

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The power couple Cherlynn Sim and Sebastian Chang: How running rewards them in life

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