Lost Your Enthusiasm for Running? Gung-ho New Runner Gary Loh Will Inspire You

by On Sep 24, 2019

Plenty of athletes lose their running mojo along the way, but new runner Gary Loh is helping to turn that around.

Lost Your Enthusiasm for Running? Gung-ho New Runner Gary Loh Will Inspire You

When runners enthused about the upcoming Solo Run prepare to face their challenges, Solo Run Online Race Ambassador Gary Loh will be thinking about his goals—but he will also be thinking of those who have lost their enthusiasm for the sport.

Although, Gary is new in his running journey, he is a self-motivated evangelist for the sport. Now Gary likes to help re-invigorate others—one runner at a time. Here’s how he does it.

RS: What inspires you to run solo? Why?

Gary: I work as an assistant manager at a bank, so my job is sedentary. I run because I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Start your running journey now; is never too late.

RS: What troubles you most about today’s running culture?

Gary: Among my friends, it seems I am the only one who is still into running. I meet a lot of people who once ran but are no longer motivated. I get it. But I’m working hard to re-motivate people and it’s working.

Lost Your Enthusiasm for Running? Gung-ho New Runner Gary Loh Will Inspire You

RS: What are your favourite pre-race and post-race meals?

Gary: Before I run, I slather two slices of whole meal bread with peanut butter and cheese. I prefer a protein shake after my run. Eating right is important. I once lacked stamina and changing my lifestyle habits helped.

RS: How has running alone changed your lifestyle? Why?

Gary: I only started running this year and the motivation came from my employer who wanted staff to be both healthy and happy. I was often tired during the day, but once I started to run, I was more energetic at work.

RS: Solo running sounds challenging. How do you motivate yourself?

Gary: In the beginning, it was difficult because I felt lazy and lacked motivation. But when I started to run before work—4 a.m. or 5 a.m.—I discovered that running early makes all of the difference. I wake up motivated!

RS: Can you describe what you think about when you run alone?

Gary: I set a distance and time goal and then challenge myself to set goals for the day and think about ways and means available to me to achieve them.

RS: What advice or tips do you give to beginners who want to run solo?

Gary: I tell them that running solo is not easy, but if you stay focused and determine what you want to achieve from your run and your life, running solo gets easy. I add, “Start your running journey now; is never too late.”

Lost Your Enthusiasm for Running? Gung-ho New Runner Gary Loh Will Inspire You

RS: Since you began running this year, have you encouraged family members to follow in your footsteps?

Gary: Yes. My wife’s schedule is really busy, but she runs on weekends to stay fit.

RS: When your race or workout prove disappointing, how do you motivate yourself to try again?

Gary: Initially, I was disappointed to realise how often I didn’t have enough stamina to finish my run. But I realised that I had to keep going if I wanted to change that. Sometimes, things get in my way and I feel down, but when I remember why I’m running, that keeps me going.

Will you join Solo Run Online Race Ambassador Gary Loh by undertaking your own personal journey to stay fit and discover the benefits of running individually?

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