A highly anticipated 24/7 and affordable premium gym, Platinum Fitness is about to open its’ third-ever instalment in the heart of the city’s bustling CBD, located in the basement of OUE Downtown in Tanjong Pagar. It offers all the facilities of a high-quality gym with one of the lowest monthly gym fees in Singapore.

Members will have the luxury of choice to either train alone, with a fitness trainer or even their own external trainer of preference. Dynamic classes are conducted by a handpicked team of experienced fitness experts. Additionally, since the gym is opened 24/7, it is ideal for both early birds and night owls!

RunSociety had the opportunity to speak with the Co-Founders of Platinum Fitness, Charlie Temple and Max Johnson to understand about the model for their affordable gym concept.

RS: What is the Platinum Fitness’ strategy to stay relevant in Singapore’s competitive gym market?

Charlie & Max: At Platinum Fitness we believe in always placing our members first. We do this by always listening to feedback and offering unparalleled flexibility for both our trainers and members.

Not only are we open 24 hours throughout the week, but we also welcome our members to bring in their own freelance trainer. Additionally, we like to think of ourselves as an affordable luxury – we offer all the amenities and equipment on par with a premium gym, the main difference is that we have really affordable membership rates.

RS: Can you share some interesting fitness insights which you have gained from members of Platinum Fitness?

Charlie & Max: We have learnt that people enjoy the flexibility that we offer of being able to bring in their own trainer. This allows them to feel like they have control over their decisions and also makes them feel like they do not have to be tied to working out only at Platinum Fitness.

RS: What are some of the more popular equipment at Platinum Fitness gyms?

Charlie & Max: The functional zone which has equipment such as light weights, fitness mats and kettlebells has so far been the most popular area, many of our members have been using it to set up their own circuits and it’s really interesting to watch how they all use it so differently!

RS: What made you decide/inspired you to open the third Platinum Fitness gym in Singapore?

Charlie & Max: Singapore is a metropolitan city with a good market of extremely fitness-keen enthusiasts. Not to mention it’s a great place to do business as well for that matter. We believe that Singapore is also the gateway to Southeast Asia and we hope that by establishing our flagship club here, it will be an attractive indicator to the rest of Southeast Asia of what Platinum Fitness has to offer.

RS: How many Platinum Fitness gyms do you plan to open in Singapore?

Charlie & Max: We are targeting to open a total of 5 Platinum Fitness gyms in Singapore, this is of course not the limit and we will definitely revisit the number of gyms as we get closer to our goal.

Do any of the Platinum Fitness members work out in the gym in the late hours?

Charlie & Max: Yes, definitely – we have a number of our members coming in at a really late hour after a long day/night in the office. Which is why are proud to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

They had this to add:

We are both extremely passionate about the health and fitness sector. Our goal is to bridge the gap for an affordable, 24/7 gym while maintaining the global benchmark of quality and experience in premium gyms. We’ve seen an increasing demand for such an offering in Singapore so we’re very excited to push the boundaries of the existing fitness scene by introducing the Platinum Fitness concept.

How often did you work out in the gym? Is the 24-hour gym concept a perfect fit for you? Share with your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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