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2015 Surf Coast Trail Marathon: Relish the Beaches, Bushes, Cliff Landscapes and More

by On May 15, 2015
2015 Surf Coast Trail Marathon: Relish the Beaches, Bushes, Cliff Landscapes and More

First, start at Torquay, an hour south west of Melbourne. Explore beautiful natural trails and finish 42.2km further west on the fine beaches of Fairhaven, set along the world-renowned Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. On Saturday, 27 June 2015, the Surf Coast Trail Marathon will open categories for Individual Marathon, Team Marathon and Individual Half-Marathon categories.

Tour de Trails will manage the scenic trail running event in its second year running with support from Torquay-based operator, Adventure Host. Chris Ord, from the Anglesea-based trail running company, says,

“For road marathoners, it offers a first taste of what trail running is about, without being intimidating as it is a relatively non-technical, non-remote, non-mountainous course. For experienced trailites, the route still features stunning wilderness with coastal viewpoints and it represents a truly go-fast course with plenty of twists and single-track turns.”

2015 Surf Coast Trail Marathon: Relish the Beaches, Bushes, Cliff Landscapes and More

Starting at 8:30 a.m. the marathon will flag off from Torquay, overlooking Fisherman’s Beach foreshore. The course, which is worth familiarising yourself with prior to running it, follows Surf Coast Walk all the way to the finish at the Fairhaven Surf Life Saving Club.

The teams category has been introduced to allow runners to experience the marathon distance together as a team, but as individuals you only need run half a marathon. DO note that, due to the location of the transition, the first half of the run is approximately 19.6km, while the second is about 22.5km—if you can’t decide who runs first, toss a coin!

Meanwhile, the 22km Half Marathon will flag off at 11:00 a.m. from Point Addis beach and head on a gravel trail towards Anglesea, enjoying clifftop views along the way. From here, they’ll come across sections of sandy trails and another winding, fun trail before crossing the finishline at Fairhaven Surf Lifesaving Club.

2015 Surf Coast Trail Marathon: Relish the Beaches, Bushes, Cliff Landscapes and More

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Register Online

Unfortunately, early bird has ended on 15 April 2015, but the only things you miss out on are the event tees and trucker caps. Entry prices are still the same at A$135 for the Individual Marathon, A$150 for the Team Marathon and A$80 for the Half Marathon.

What else do you get with your entry? Amongst the many amenities including Tailwind hydration/ nutrition, water and energy snacks, you’ll also receive a finisher’s medal. You’ll also get a sense of accomplished civic duty and community goodwill—a good part of your entry fee goes towards assisting initiatives at the Anglesea Primary School, including funding extra aides. Of course, you get bragging rights for surviving the King Tide, too!

Register online before spaces run out! At the time of writing, there are just slightly over 200 places left for the Individual Marathon, 80 for the Team Marathon, and about 110 for the Individual Half-Marathon.

Check out their official website for more details.

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