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22nd Christmas Island Marathon 2015: An Exotic Gem a Skip and a Hop Away

by On May 18, 2015
22nd Christmas Island Marathon 2015: An Exotic Gem a Skip and a Hop Away

Not too far from our Singapore shores, sits an island full of natural wonders. Known for unique annual red crab migration, and rare and unusual bird sightings, it boats glorious deserted beaches where the only footprints in the sand are those made by nesting turtles. This submarine mountain summit, located 2600km north-west of Perth, Western Australia, is none other than the exotic Christmas Island.

Word has it that origins of this marathon lie in Christmas Island folklore and began as a wager between a few Island Hash House Harriers—HHH or H3, a group of running social clubs. Since then, it has grown to become an internationally-listed, Athletics Australia certified event, and this year, it'll be held on Saturday, 26 September 2015.

Starting at the top of the island at 260 metres above sea level, this scenic and challenging marathon is laid out on roads surrounded by tropical rainforests. The last 3km of the infamously hot and dusty Christmas Island Marathon offers one of the most remarkable home straits with a splendiferous view of the vast Indian Ocean.

But you don't have to run the full marathon to admire this amazing view and scenery. Even children under the age of 12 can participate in the 5km event—with the company of an adult, of course. So everyone in all events will get to experience the unique and beautiful environ and before finishing at the Settlement area.

Fair warning, though: A reasonable degree of fitness is required to attempt this full marathon due to the really hot temperatures and high humidity. Check out what travel writer, Fiona Harper has to say about her experience running the C.I Marathon last year.

Fly Solo or Team Up!

Whether you want to enter individually or get together in a team or with your family, you can choose to run or walk the course in any event. Race entry fees are as follows:

  • 42km Marathon – A$40
  • 42km Walk – A$40
  • 42km Full Relay Team Marathon – A$150
  • 21km Half Marathon – A$25
  • I Marathon – A$25
  • 5km Dash – A$10
  • 2km Family Walk – A$5

All events except the 5km Dash and 2km Family Walk include a commemorative CI Marathon T-shirt and a free entry to CarbFEST. The first over the line in each category (except for the 2km) will be awarded.

Online registrations close at midnight on 25 September 2015.

For more information about travelling to Christmas island and to register for the event, visit their website.

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