Are competitors required to don compression wear to participate in the upcoming 2XU Compression Run? Of course not — but you will want to wear the totally cool garments that distinguish this event’s brand from everyone else.

The design is so cutting edge, it could inspire you to set a new personal best. What’s all the excitement about? Race togs include an exclusive rose gold series 2XU singlet, 2XU Compression Run polo t-shirt and the finisher’s t-shirt once you’re done. Voila: an entire wardrobe of memorabilia.

So what can you expect in year seven? Well, if you believe seven is a lucky number, perhaps you’ll take home one of the impressive prizes awaiting first finishers, but if you don’t, organisers assure you that something wonderful will happen just by showing up.

Grab your race slot now, calendar 2nd April and kick your conditioning program into motion because it’s never too early to start preparing.

No ordinary sponsor

The folks who sponsor the 2XU Compression Run every year are a bit nerdy when it comes to their approach to athletic garb. There’s no denying design innovation that sets garments in this company’s collections apart from competitors, and if you’ve become a fan of the technologically sophisticated separates produced by 2UX, you may already agree that they give you an edge.

Sponsoring this annual race gives this high-profile event the spotlight in deserves…and that’s a good thing since you’ll start off in the dark of morning to run your race.

About the race

Which event will you conquer? The 2XU Compression Run offers you choices: the 21.1km, 10km and 5km. Early birds get the advantage as the 21.1km kicks off at 5 a.m. and has a 4-hour cut-off time.

Sleep in if you intend to run the 10km or 5km, because you won’t be expected to show up until 7ish (there’s that lucky number again), which means cut-off times are shorter.

Around 20,000 avid runners competed at the 2016 2XU Compression Run, so expect to have plenty of company as you strive for prizes in your preferred category. Sprint over the finish line in first, second or third place and snag product vouchers worth between $100 and $700.

Why you should run the 2XU

  1. Because 2017 is going to be a very lucky year (it’s the 7th race in the series and it will be 2017) so even if you haven’t completed a marathon at the top of the leader board, this event could be your game changer.
  2. You know you want to own that sexy 2XU Compression Run singlet — the race shirt that never met a man’s or woman’s body it couldn’t complement.
  3. All of the amazing event volunteers that make the 2UX Compression a one-of-a-kind race will be disappointed if you don’t show up to test your mettle. They’re already practising their grins and water pouring skills.
  4. You never know who you might meet on the marathon route. An old friend. A new love. A stranger eager to encourage you if you start to slow down!
  5. Enjoy more than 15 minutes of fame if photographers capture your image as you push new limits. If you wind up as a post-marathon publicity star, think how proud your mum will be.
  6. There’s no traffic at that early hour, so you can bike to the run site free of honking horns and crazy drivers who have no respect for people who prioritise a healthy lifestyle.

How to register

Registration is now open and you can secure your early bird rate at your all-encompassing sports marketplace, Spacebib.

Spacebib team take pride in posting event data about the same time race organisers come up with it, so whether you require distance, pricing, terrain or location information – or you’re set to register – do it all in a matter of minutes on the site.

There’s another benefit to registering now, before your 2017 event calendar is so packed you wonder how you’ll deal with it all: You’ll be in a better position to organise the year ahead, so head for Spacebib now and claim your place at the start line of the 2XU Compression Run.

While you’re at it, challenge running buddies to join you. Rest assured, the post-run celebration will be lively and since the year 2017 is likely to be lucky for you, who knows what may happen before the day is out?

Do you have special memories of lucky runs that have, in one way or another, been life-changing in terms of your performance, a relationship or a once-in-a-lifetime experience? We want to read about your lucky race!

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