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A City That Runs: Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2015 & Nagoya City Marathon 2015

by On Mar 3, 2015
A City That Runs: Nagoya Women's Marathon 2015 & Nagoya City Marathon 2015

Sunday, 8 March 2015 is a special day for Nagoya, the central city of Japan's Chubu region. Pumping with adrenaline and high spirits, avid runners of all endurance levels will open the welcomed spring season by pacing through this culturally significant place.

Over a thousand general and elite full marathon runners will flag off at 9.10 a.m. for the Nagoya Women's Marathon from Nagoya Dome, the starting point for both marathons. Just an hour later, the firing pistol will sound again for the Nagoya City Marathon, sending off 10,000 male and female half marathoners (21.0975km) and 5,000 quarter marathoners (10.5km).

A City That Runs: Nagoya Women's Marathon 2015 & Nagoya City Marathon 2015

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JAAF-certified, all three courses are on relatively flat and manageable roads or pavements—making them the perfect way to feel the historical city, with roots dating back 1,900 years. The first landmark they will meet is Nagoya City Museum, which boasts a large beautifully primped Japanese garden at its doorstep and several other galleries and exhibitions inside.

Quarter marathon runners will deviate left towards their finishing point at Mizuho Stadium and are expected to finish in 1h 40min. Meanwhile, half marathoners aiming to finish within three hours will continue to see more of Nagoya City before stopping at Shirakawa Park. This is landmarked by a gigantic metal globe sandwiched between two buildings, the Nagoya City Science Museum. Full marathoners with the Nagoya Women's Marathon will extend upon the shorter courses and pass by the stunning Nagoya Castle before rounding off their run back at Nagoya Dome.

A City That Runs: Nagoya Women's Marathon 2015 & Nagoya City Marathon 2015

Photo Credit: 123RF

All finishers will receive a finisher's record certificate after the events. The top 8 male and female winners, as well as the leading 3 male and female finishers in each10-year age group will be awarded. The awards ceremonies will be held at the respective finishing areas.

Find out more about the Nagoya Women's Marathon 2015 and Nagoya City Marathon 2015 on their official websites.

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