Asia Trail Master Series: How Would You Like to Be the Asia Trail Grandmaster in 2015?

by On Nov 5, 2014
Asia Trail Master Series: How Would You Like to Be the Asia Trail Grandmaster in 2015?

Everybody likes to win—to earn titles and accolades that show friends and family that they have mastered life's important lessons: discipline, self-respect, honor and commitment. In 2015, the organiser of the Asia Trail Master Series (ATMs) challenge are going to give every person in Asia the opportunity to do just that by participating in the Asia Trail Master Series initiative, and winners will jog away with prizes, accolades and eminence.

"We are delighted to offer athletes the unprecedented opportunity to live two important pillars of the Asia Trail Master tradition: a competitive experience that also pays tribute to nature,"

explains Kris Van de Velde, Kuai Sports Promotion managing director. Kris extolls the virtues of a year-long event calendar that allows participants to pick and choose from runs, while amassing points leading to honours and prizes.

"From January 1st to 31st December, runners can sign up for any of the ATM events in the series and begin collecting points every time they reach the finish line. Participants don't have to give up their jobs and personal lives, however! Register for as many as your schedule permits--as long as you keep an eye on your points."

Asia Trail Master Series: How Would You Like to Be the Asia Trail Grandmaster in 2015?

Included on the potential event list are the Wild Elephant Trail, Dalian Ultra Endurance, Hangzhou Ultra, The Last Secret, Trans Kansai, Dali Ultra Skyrunning, Clark-Myamit Falls and Ancient Khmer Path, though the actual calendar may not firm up completely until the year is underway, since new event proposals are constantly being considered.

Runners intrigued by a unique event that garners rewards, keeps physical fitness goals on track and comes with a high profile within the Asian community will want to get in on the 2015 ATMs scene, but be forewarned: own a suitcase and be prepared to travel. For example, you can rack up points in Sri Lanka in March followed by aforementioned ATMs events anticipated for Cambodia, Japan, China, the Philippines and Bhutan.

"The point system used to track individual efforts will be secure, transparent and easy to compute,"

adds Kris.

"We want to attract enthusiasts and athletes committed to healthy living to see how far they can push themselves while they rack up points. Auxiliary to each athlete's physical effort, we hope they grow closer to nature, which is why we have picked such beautiful locations for the year-long circuit."

"Events like the ATM are unique ways athletes can compete, communicate and get past political, ethnic and class differences,"

says Kris.

"Competitive athletic events create a single society of like-minded people and it's easy to participate. One signs up, receives a ranking from organizers and each time he or she completes a run, their track record is updated based on two factors: distance points that reflect the number of kilometers run (100km=100 points) and performance points assigned by the order in which a competitor finishes. Point counts wind up on a website, so things couldn't be easier for organizers or participants."

Asia Trail Master Series: How Would You Like to Be the Asia Trail Grandmaster in 2015?

What's in it for those who participate throughout 2015? Plenty:

  • ATM champions—men and women—receive recognition by amassing the most number of points by year's end,
  • Those who wind up at or near the top are eligible for cash and valuable prizes provided by sponsors,
  • The person attaining the honourable title of Asia Trail Grandmaster receives a specially-designed medal, so you might say that whomever takes this prize could become the equivalent of an Asian rock star!

Kuai Sports anchors the upcoming Asia Trail Master in conjunction with individuals, brands and companies eager to promote Asia's collective fitness and running initiatives. Launched in 2013, Kuai fosters memories via sporting events like this one, celebrating individual athletes eager to go the extra mile in the name of competition, respect for nature and healthy living. For additional information about the 2015 Asia Trail Master or to find out how the point system works, please visit the Asia Trail Master's website.

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