Forget about the distractions of cords and wires. Earin who has achieved a huge success on Kickstarter has surpassed its fundraising goal in a matter of hours with 8,000 units sold via pre-order. Why are these headphones so popular?

Not only has Earin removed the cables, microphone, flashing light but they have made the earbuds as small and light as possible to create the most immersive sound imaginable. Its groundbreaking wireless Bluetooth technology allows Earin users to enjoy music at a total new level. Complemented by the Comply-TS400 memory cotton earbuds for excellent sound insulation, Earin brings you with a music-listening experience like no other.

Earin earbuds are built with two dedicated amps driving high-precision balanced armature speakers. The result is an incredibly clear sound, excellent mid and high-tones with a tight bass response all delivered with minimal distortion.

Weighing only 3.5 grams, the ultra-lightweight Earin earbud has a unique minimalistic design and a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides 2 hours 50 minutes of stereo playtime and up to 11 hours of mono playtime.

Available in Singapore

The convenient Earin’s unique aluminum capsule acts as a case and a charger for your earbuds. When not in use, simply place the earbuds in the capsule for automatic charging. Machined from a single block of aluminum, the durable, minimal capsule is designed to fit as easily into your lifestyle and pocket.

The sweat and water-resistant Earin earbuds include add-on stabilizer fins for extra secure fit for running and gym activities. Compatible with most handheld Bluetooth devices, there is also a dedicated Earin app to allow you to customise your listening experience and control your earbud’s bass boost, sound balance and more at your finger tips.

Earin is currently retailing exclusively online at for S$349.00 with limited stocks available.

Yuyi Lim

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