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Expansion of Tokyo Marathon 2019 Charity Recipient Programs

by On Apr 5, 2018

Tokyo Marathon 2019 provides donors with an even wider selection of charities.

Expansion of Tokyo Marathon 2019 Charity Recipient Programs

Since 2011, Tokyo Marathon has raised over 2 billion JPY in donations through its charity program. These funds are donated to various recipient programs. In next year’s Tokyo Marathon 2019, the total number of charity entry places remains at 4,000 slots. Out of the 4,000 slots, 300 will be allocated to Active Charity Recipient Programs.

What is Active Charity?

Unlike Charity Runner program where each runner is required to raise at least 100,000 yen for Tokyo Marathon, Active Charity is a program where the recipient programs promote and raise funds on their own with those 300 secured slots.

Active Charity was first implemented in 2018 as a trial program where only 100 slots were reserved for recipient programs. The program will be officially launched in Tokyo Marathon 2019.

Active Charity Recipient Programs

Tokyo Marathon aims to raise donations by providing donors with an even wider selection of charities. The number of recipient programs will increase from 15 programs in 2018 to 22 programs next year. Below is the list of 22 recipient programs for Tokyo Marathon 2019.

Expansion of Tokyo Marathon 2019 Charity Recipient Programs

Photo Credit: Tokyo Marathon

S/N Charitable Activities Recipient Programs
1 Creation of Sports Legacy ~Proposition of Sports in LifeStyle Tokyo Marathon Sports Legacy Program
2 Organizing "Kid's Athletics x Tokyo Marathon Style" sports activities for children in the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Tokyo Marathon Sports Legacy Program
3 Education work for areas stricken by Great East Japan Earthquake. (Iwate learning desire fund, The Great East Japan Earthquake Miyagi Children's Fostering Fundraising, The Great East Japan Earthquake Fukushima Children's Fostering Fundraising) Tokyo Marathon Sports Legacy Program
4 Management and the construction of Ronald McDonald House residential facilities for children with intractable diseases and their families Ronald McDonald House Charities Japan
5 Providing and promoting sports activities for intellectually disabled people Special Olympics Nippon Foundation
6 Installing shelters to save the lives of refugees forced to leave their homes due to conflicts Japan for UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)
7 For the creation of vigorous, coexistent society ~Promotion and expansion of sports & Enhancement of competitive strength~ Japanese Para-Sports Association
8 Inviting children dealing with intractable diseases and their parents to a dream campsite equipped with medical care facilities Solaputi Kids’ Camp
9 Providing residential facilities and care for children fighting critical illness and their families during medical treatments Family House
10 Protecting children in poverty, those subject to bullying, eating alone, those with developmental disorders, or a troubled lifestyle. Sodateage Net
11 Realizing a safe society by learning the knowledge and skills required in emergencies Tokyo Disaster Prevention & Emergency
Medical Service Association
12 This program dispatches young teachers with leadership skills and passion to public schools struggling with educational inequity. Teach For Japan
13 Katariba provides children suffering from poverty or inequality with equal educational opportunities and safe spaces, cultivating their desire to take on new challenges. Katariba
14 Through creating a low-pollen forest, we can pass on healthy forests to the next generation Tokyo Development Foundation for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
15 Leave no one behind! Save lives of children & mothers living in slum! Plan International Japan
16 Promoting and popularizing sports for people living in Tokyo Tokyo Sport Benefits Corporation
17 Providing daycare service for every disable children in Tokyo's 23 wards NPO Florence
18 For a world without child sex trafficking and sexual exploitation ~Systemic change and empowerment of survivors of human trafficking in India~ Kamonohashi Project
19 Active learning-based classroom program for junior high school students and students in the upper grades of elementary school, conveying collective ideals and actions Doctors Without Borders Japan
20 Renovating TOKYO TOY MUSEUM galleries and opening the Mt. Fuji TOY MUSEUM Association for the Arts, Toy and Playing Activities / TOKYO TOY MUSEUM
21 Dog rescue project - adoption, training of search and rescue dogs, and therapy dogs Peace Winds Japan
22 Providing direct support to children, young people, and families in India, Ghana, and Japan to prevent and eliminate child labor Action against Child Exploitation

Application schedule (Provisional)

Application of charity runners and donations will be opened at the beginning of July 2018. Charity runner applications will be closed by end of July 2018; meanwhile, Active Charity runner applications will be closed by end of August 2018.

If you wish to donate any amount, you can submit an application for donations from 1 July 2018 until 31 March 2019.

Donations raised in the past

Year # of donations Capacity Total Donation
2011 707 1,000 73,253,580 JPY
2012  1,743 3,000 181,973,159 JPY
2013  2,250 3,000 225,546,156 JPY
2014  3,851 3,000 265,799,815 JPY
2015  4,448 3,000 303,917,339 JPY
2016  4,455 3,000 314,711,592 JPY
2017  5,351 3,000 313,015,238 JPY
2018  5,952 4,000 415,027,886 JPY

Total donation: 2,093,244,765 JPY. The Tokyo Marathon 2019 will be held on 3 March, 2019.

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