Located on the 4th floor of Bugis Junction, the 1,660 square metre club introduces seven new classes to the Fitness First Singapore network including Burn, Peak, Surge, Hero, Muay Fight Pro by Buakaw, X-Blast and Game of Zones.

In addition to the new classes, the club also brings a new collection of equipment, including SkiErgs, AirBikes, SkillMills and Singapore’s first Throwdown Frame. This new collection of equipment which emphasizes on creating multi-plane movement is installed alongside traditional pin-loaded gym equipment to give members more variety of working out and getting fit.

Andrew Phillips, Managing Director at Fitness First Singapore said,

Keeping fit is a serious business but at the same time, exercise should be enjoyable and motivational! That’s why we continue to innovate strongly to deliver more dynamic and engaging formats, leveraging the latest thinking in exercise science and the most innovative equipment. Bugis Junction and Capital Tower Sports Performance are testament to our on-going commitment to help our members move better and more often.

New Classes

Each of the 7 new classes will be held at a dedicated workout zone and will focus on a specific exercise aim, whether it’s building strength or enhancing agility.

Burn is a 35-minute highly intense class that is conducted on SkiErg and AirBike with a focus on burning calories and increasing metabolism.

Peak is a treadmill-based class which employs various inclines to engage your lower body and core, activate more muscle and burn three times more calories just by walking.

The 35-minute Surge class combines stamina, speed, agility and power training into a total body conditioning programme by using SkillMill in a circuit-styled class.

Hero is a class inspired by the rigorous combat and search and rescue training undergone by the national servicemen. This workout focuses on lifting, pulling and climbing on Throwdown Frame.

Inspired by K1 World MAX Champion Buakaw Banchamek, Muay Fight Pro by Buakaw class is a dynamic and high-energy freestyle programme that integrates the unique Muay Thai characteristics, such as punching, kicking and Wai Kru.

X-Blast is a 30-minute cross-training HIIT session that combines high-intensity cardio and endurance drills into a targeted, fast-paced workout using Octane Elliptical, Lateral X and Power Blocks.

One of the highlights of this new club is Games of Zones. Unlike the usual class format, Games of Zones is conducted as a friendly contest where teams of 12 compete against each other over six zones in two hours. The best teams in each quarter will then face off at an end-of-year match.

New Fitness Equipment

A centrepiece in the club at 3.7m high, the Throwdown Frame facilitates exercises that incorporate lifting, pulling and climbing. It is designed with patterns directly linked to carrying heavy loads up and down different levels of elevation, similar to those practised by the national servicemen in emergency simulations.

The SkiErg imitates the sport of Nordic skiing, developing both strength and endurance while exercising the legs, arms and core. It can be used to practice both the double pole and classic alternating arm techniques.

AirBike uses air resistance and scales automatically to the amount of energy exerted, so the harder the pedalling, the greater the resistance.

The SkillMill is manually controlled by the user’s force, without the support of any electricity. To start the machine, you just need to start walking or running on the machine, and the belt will move accordingly. To adjust the speed, just change the weight placement on your heels or toes. The curved structure of the machine makes it easy on the knees and ankles, creating a comfortable yet all-rounded workout.

Building on Fitness First’s signature FreestyleTM Group Training method, all the zones and new classes continue the emphasis on three-dimensional, functional movement.

Fitness First Bugis Junction together with three other Fitness First clubs – namely The Cathay, Market Street and Paragon – offer a total of 300 over group classes per week within a 2km radius.

Eva Natalia

Eva is a casual runner who has been hooked on marathons since her first race in 2011. She’s content to spend her weekends only on running. She is also a hiking enthusiast and traveling addict. When she’s not doing outdoor activities, she indulges in reading.

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