On 4 April, Dana & Sarah Films premiered a new documentary about the Tarahumara running tribe. The film titled – GOSHEN: Places of Refuge for the Running People was directed and produced by Dana Richardson and Sarah Zentz. The film shares an eye opening investigation of the Tarahumara people’s unique diet, ultra-running endurance, and natural running with minimal footwear.

The Tarahumara Tribe of Mexico’s Copper Canyons was famous worldwide for their ability to run long distances. They are also known for the low risk of health diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes – which is due to their plant based diet and active lifestyle.

The film also highlights the problems faced by the Tarahumara tribe such as the recent rise of drug violence and famine, which is severely impacting their way of life and ancient culture. The drought has also endangered the Tarahumara native seed varieties which are a primary diet for the Tarahumara people.

The filmmakers hope that this documentary, it will bring awareness to current social issues not represented in mainstream media and also inspire people to take part in preserving the native seeds and running traditions of this running-based society.

The Tarahumara tribe was featured in Chris McDougall’s bestselling book Born to Run and the author is featured in the documentary.

The trailer can be viewed below; the full film can also be rented or purchased at Goshen Film.

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