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Here’s Why The Great Relay KL Stands Out

by On Apr 30, 2016

All too often, runners turn up for races, run, and then head home. There’s little interaction amongst runners, and much less so for families. That’s where The Great Relay (TGR) is different.

Here’s Why The Great Relay KL Stands Out

After kicking off in Bangkok earlier this year, The Great Relay (TGR) is making its next stop in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, 28 May 2016. Like its sisters in the regional six-race series, the KL debut event will highlight an exciting race village with fringe activities happening all day. The aim, says Hong Kong-based event organisers RaceBase, is to encourage local community development.

Teamwork Trumps All

Of course, it's called The Great Relay for a reason. There is a 50 km relay with two or four runners per team, and a 100 km relay with four or six in a team.

The rules are simple: Each team member runs one loop (approximately 5 km) before they pass a baton or sash to the next runner in their relay team.

Whatever your running ability, you all can be part of one unified team and achieve an ultra-distance together. The top three men, women and mixed teams across all categories will be awarded—so you just might bring home one of the 146 prizes to be won!

What's more, in a team of four for the 50 km event, each member runs an average of 12.5 km. This means that you could have up to 90 minutes in between each loop you run, giving you ample time to check out the race village!

Here's Why The Great Relay KL Stands Out

All Fun, All Day

You will be spoilt for choice at TGR's race village.

Take part in mini 20-minute yoga sessions that focus on runner recovery. Soothe tired legs with quick massages.

Wander around the wellness tent and sample juices, snacks, and other health foods. In KL, event sponsors such as Inov8, Nathan, Runivore, Tailwind Nutrition, Marathon Baker and Compressport will showcase their products, as well as host talks and activities too.

Let's not forget the food! Grab sandwiches and fruit for a mid-morning snack. Look forward to mouth-watering goodies like fried rice, noodles, local kueh and cakes at different times throughout the day. Wash them down with coffee, tea, iced lime juice or chendol available all day, too!

Make it a family day out and cultivate a love for outdoor physical activities in your kids. They will get to enjoy activities like colouring, story-telling, mini yoga and more.

In partnership with home-grown sportschic label Ash be Nimble and Ready Steady Go Kids Malaysia, TGR will host three exciting categories for kids:

  1. 'FOX CUB' KIDS fun race – 1 child (ages 3-6) and 1 adult running 1 km together
  2. 'THE DASH' KIDS ONLY relay race – 2 kids (ages 7-12) running 500 m loops in a relay for a total of 3 km
  3. 'THE PACK' FAMILY relay race – 2 kids (ages 7-12) and 2 adults take turns to run 500 m for a total of 4 km.

Here's Why The Great Relay KL Stands Out

Enter Today!

Race fees for the 50 km are RM 90 per member for teams of 2, and RM 85 per member for teams of 4. In the 100 km relay, teams of 4 can register for RM 145 per person, while teams of 6 can enter for RM 140 per person.

Entry fees for The Dash and The Pack are RM 100 each, while fees Fox Cubs are RM 50.

Registration closes on Saturday, 14 May 2016 so don't wait!

For more information, visit this page.

The organisers say that relay racing is new to the local Malaysian community, but gaining a loyal following in Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok. What do you think? Is relay racing a passing trend or here to stay?

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