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Malaysia Women Marathon 2017: Ladies & Gentleman Show Us What You’ve Got!

by On Feb 7, 2017

Just learning about the Malaysia Women’s Marathon (MWM) scheduled for 5th March 2017 at Shah Alam, Selangor? You're not too late to join in!

Malaysia Women Marathon 2017: Ladies & Gentleman Show Us What You’ve Got!

Please take a deep breath and relax because you’ve still got time to register and prepare for the 5th iteration of the iconic Malaysia Women Marathon. In honour of the date— the 5th— and 5th anniversary, there are 5 things you’ll want to know right now before you jump in:

  1. This race isn’t just for women. Dudes and kids are also welcomed with open arms.
  2. You’ll have so many distance choices and category options that range from the kids' 2.5km to a full 42km that you may feel overwhelmed.
  3. The route is certified by the International Amateur Athletic Federation, Selangor Amateur Athletic Association and Malaysian Athletic Federation, so the condition and nature of the course you will run is as good as it gets.
  4. You may still get in on the last prep clinic on 19th February. Alternately, log in to the event’s mentoring page for tips and advice.
  5. Because MWM organisers have a deep appreciation for male pacers, 5 prizes (would you expect another number?) will be awarded to those who finish on top.

Malaysia Women Marathon 2017: Ladies & Gentleman Show Us What You’ve Got!

What you should know about the MWM

The race venue together with the Race Village is at Stadium Shah Alam. The starting line is at Zone A of the stadium.

Organisers have arranged to have the highway closed between 2 a.m. and 10 a.m. so nobody need worry about dodging traffic as they set off on their journey.

It’s important to remember your cut-off time: Full marathon contestants have 6 hours, 30 minutes to complete the course; 3 hours, 45 minutes for half-marathon contestants and just 2 hours for those signing up for the 10km. If you fail to reach checkpoints within those time parameters, you can’t keep going.

Happily, kid’s races have no cut-off times so if your energetic youngster wants to keep going after crossing Columbia Asia Children’s Run finish lines, let him exhaust himself! Three categories are set aside just for kids: Group 1 (2.5km) is for children ages 6-to-9; Group 2 (2.5km) is for the 10-to-12 set and the senior event (5km) hosts teens ages 13-to-15.

Malaysia Women Marathon 2017: Ladies & Gentleman Show Us What You’ve Got!

You might call the MWM the great alpha-bib marathon!

How many categories have been designated? Like a woman’s proper shoe wardrobe, lots and lots and lots. Here’s your guide so you can figure out exactly where you fit in:

  • Bib A goes to runners ages 18-to-39 who register for the full marathon.
  • Bib B is given to veterans over the age of 40 running the full distance.
  • Bib C goes to Male Pacers accompanying full-marathoners along the route.
  • Bib D will be worn by those doing the half-marathon who are ages 18-to-39.
  • Bib E is reserved for veterans over the age of 40 competing in the half-marathon.
  • Bib F goes to Male Pacers accompanying half-marathon competitors.
  • Bib G will be worn by competitors running the 10km between the ages of 18 and 39.
  • Bib H goes to veterans older than 40 who opt to run the 10km.

So many categories — so many chances to score big

As you can tell by the list of aforementioned bib selections, organisers are planning to award even more prizes than usual, so if you like wagering, place your achievement bets on a wide range of run categories. Just registering to participate entitles you to be part of a fabulous prize draw that includes gear and pre-paid international marathon slots.

Entitlements include event vests, timing chips, finisher tees, e-certificates, medals, goodie bags and more. Check out the registration page to see who’s entitled to what, and if you’re motivated by the thought of prizes you could bring home to Singapore, your chances of winning one are good with so many categories.

Full marathon, half-marathon and 10km top bananas are awarded cash, trophies and gear while children can add to their college funds by crossing the finish line in 1st to 5th place.

This marathon is a quintessential girl thing!

Registration? Check. Training started? Check. Travel plans made? That, too. But it’s when you arrive at your destination that the fun and nerves kick in because your dance card is going to be filled to the brim with activities — starting with race kit collection on 4th March between the hours of 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Fill the day with activities that include a fashion show, guest speakers, fitness programs and clinics. Be on hand when the race director brief runners on the next day’s protocols and if you've still got the energy to keep going, add activities between 7 and 8 p.m. that evening to your must-do list.

Be forewarned that some of the best pre-race day entertainments are for women only on the 4th: a VIP brunch, women’s forum on gender equality, female pacer meet and greets, yoga clinics, makeovers and other activities designed for women only.

That stated, you’re close to home when visiting Malaysia so travelling to the MWM won’t interfere with your work schedule or anything else you have planned for that weekend.

Visit here for additional info and to register and if you need a new running outfit just for the MMW, you’ve still got time to shop for that too!

When a marathon like the MWM is organised with women as a focus, do you think men should be permitted to join the party?

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