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Mandiri Jakarta Marathon 2014: A Wonderful Showcase for Indonesia’s Cultural Diversity!

by On Oct 1, 2014
Upcoming Mandiri Jakarta Marathon 2014 to be a Wonderful Showcase for Indonesia's Cultural Diversity!

As ​the ​capital ​city ​of ​Indonesia, ​Jakarta ​is ​the ​melting ​pot ​for ​people ​from ​various ​cultural ​and ​ethnical ​backgrounds ​interconnecting ​with ​one ​another ​as ​they ​dwell ​in their ​daily ​lives. ​The ​myriad ​cultural ​and ​ethnical ​factors ​combined ​with ​sense ​of ​celebration ​and ​the ​spirit ​of ​sportsmanship ​are ​represented ​by ​the Mandiri Jakarta ​Marathon.

In ​October ​27, ​2013, ​the first ever Mandiri ​Jakarta ​Marathon was held, with 10,000 ​runners ​participating in this ​festive ​event. ​ Following the success of this inaugural event, the Mandiri Jakarta Marathon returns on ​October ​26, ​2014 ​and ​will ​be ​showing ​Jakarta's ​uniqueness, ​beauty, ​diversity, ​and iconic modern ​landmarks.

A Plethora of Entertaining Activities for Runners!

Similar to last year, the Mandiri Jakarta Marathon 2014 race route will give elite runners, national athletes and other participating runners opportunities to enjoy the beautiful scenery of iconic landmarks in Jakarta namely Old City area, Fatahillah Square, Station Kota, Cathedral Church, Istiqlal Mosque, Monas, and Hotel Indonesia Roundabout.

Upcoming Mandiri Jakarta Marathon 2014 to be a Wonderful Showcase for Indonesia's Cultural Diversity!

Mr. Arie Budiman, Head of Tourism and Culture of the Jakarta City Government, mentioned,

"At several spots in the 2014 course, runners and spectators will be pampered with 20 entertainment stages presenting lively Indonesian traditional arts and culture performances and also festive and splendid contemporary pop arts."

In addition to that, the highlight would be at Monas, where a spectacular main entertainment stage will be set up for top Indonesian entertainment artistes!

Targeting 15,000 Runners with a 2.4 Billion Rupiah Prize Pool

The Provincial government of Jakarta has prepared prize value of 2.4 billions rupiah for the winners of Mandiri Jakarta Marathon 2014 event. After missing out on Jakarta Marathon 2013 due to Sea Games preparation, Indonesian national athletes are expected to intensify the competitiveness against world elite runners to be the fastest in the Jakarta Marathon 2014.

The organizer targets 15,000 people from more than 50 countries this year. Based on last year's implementation the total amount of resources are projected to include 1,700 volunteers, 5,000 security officers, 240 medical staff, and 340 cleaning staff. While logistics figure needed to support last year Jakarta Marathon include 45 units of ambulance cars, 5 tons of bananas and 55,600 bottles of mineral water and isotonic drinks!

Upcoming Mandiri Jakarta Marathon 2014 to be a Wonderful Showcase for Indonesia's Cultural Diversity!

Race organisers also expect a strong international showing, and over 500 foreign runners from 30 countries, some of which are Japan, UK, French, Australia, Kenya, and Singapore have registered for this exciting event.

Join the Mariti Jakarta Marathon today, and see why Jakarta is a showcase for Indonesia's cultural diversity!

The Matiri Jakarta Marathon 2014 takes place on 27 October 2014. Registrations are now open.

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