As a triathlete, it’s incumbent upon you to test yourself every time the chance arises, so if an ultra “forces you” to break away from your boring daily routine to accomplish a new personal best, why wouldn’t you want to make your own statement in a neighbouring country that’s just beginning to launch its own tradition of speciality marathons?

Put Vietnam on your calendar to add multiple notches to your accomplishment belt — whether you’ve done an ultra before or you’re a newbie to this wild and crazy experience.

Are you inspired enough to travel to lands outside your home base to learn more about cultures, people and friendship?

Challenge Vietnam can be your break-away move — your chance to bring home glory and memories from a beautiful country that loves nothing more than welcoming competitive athletes from around the world.

What’s all the excitement about?

Challenge Vietnam is the newest and greatest iteration of Challenge competitions and if you want to find out what the international triathlete community is buzzing about, show up in Nha Trang (Vietnam’s gorgeous beach capital) in time to get ready for the 11 September three sport circuit.

Start off at 6:15 a.m. to take part in the 1.9km swimming portion of the event. Next, mount a bicycle to zip through scenery that’s spellbinding, and once you complete the required 90km, tackle the 21km run that caps the day.

Like Singapore, Vietnam is quite taken with all aspects of physical fitness, so if your desire to establish yourself as an ultra competitor is strong, this is the place to make your mark in a nation just beginning to fall in love with running, marathons and athletics.

Of course, your ability to tell others that you participated in a first-of-its kind race in Vietnam may be all the motivation you need to make plans.

Whose bright idea was Challenge Vietnam?

Ask Philip Nugyen about his desire to host a Challenge Vietnam and prepare to sit down and listen.

As an avid sports competitor who happens to adore triathlons, he wondered why there was no triathlon community to speak of in Vietnam in 2013.

What’s a sports enthusiast to do about this situation? He spearheaded the drive to bring a triathlon to his homeland.

Nugyen’s enthusiasm was obviously contagious because he looked into credible organising entities in Southeast Asia and decided that the Challenge Family was the brand he trusted most with his ambitious idea.

Just two years have passed, yet he is on the threshold of seeing his idea become real in a region of Vietnam that’s known for its beauty and welcoming climate. He does, however, warn athletes who plan to participate that they’d better focus hard when they compete, because the landscape in Vietnam is mesmerising—particularly the scenery in and around Nha Trang!

What to expect at Challenge Vietnam

This may be the premier Challenge Vietnam, but the Challenge organisation is skilled at properly planning and executing a world-class event.

As a participant, you will pick up a running shirt and race bib before the event and if you complete all three ultra segments, there will be a finisher medal and finisher tee awaiting you.

The day is going to be packed with excitement that begins with the opening of the Challenge Vietnam Expo at 9 a.m., but if you’re registered to run, you’ll already be busily conquering the gauntlet of challenges until that finish line looms.

Plan to attend a post-race celebratory lunch served between 11 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. if you’ve met or exceeded your personal goal by this time, and please don’t forget about the Challenge Vietnam after party starting at 7:30 p.m. that night.

Come for more than the challenge

If you’re in need of a holiday, why not pair your triathlon experience with a bit of relaxation after coming all this way? Whether you’ve still got plenty of energy left after your Herculean effort at the Challenge and you’d like to continue being active, you’ll have your pick of water sport activities so you can keep on going.

Nobody will fault you if you just lay low after all of that exertion, so bring the family and share cultural wonders, sightseeing adventures, shopping and amazing dining experiences that include everything from street vendors to fine dining.

Treat yourself to a mud bath or avail yourself of other spa experiences. Haven’t you earned plenty of pampering after all of your efforts?

More reasons to compete

  1. Make new friends and establish yourself as a player on the international ultra circuit.
  2. Discover a new land that’s as warm and welcoming as your Singapore home.
  3. Visit cultural sites that celebrate Vietnam’s long and rich history.
  4. Shop for local crafts and artwork to remind you of Vietnam long after you return.
  5. Bring the family. Your kids will wind up smarter and more inquisitive and your spouse will find many ways to thank you for making this trip an adventure suited to all family members!

Book fast; time is of the essence!

There’s only one way to make your participation in the premier Challenge Vietnam the perfect experience: use just one resource to sort your plans so you don’t have to lift a finger. Spacebib is so easy to use, you can save all of your energy for swimming, biking and running because all arrangements are made from the convenience of your keyboard. Personal assistance is available 24/7, so if there’s anything you want to know when you register for Challenge Vietnam, ask away.

With registration fees starting at S$380, you won’t have to wait long to find yourself cycling along the coastline, swimming in temperate waters and running against others toward the home stretch while surrounded by scenery that’s breathtaking.

Max out your experience by extending your stay. Just don’t be surprised if you’re so enamoured of this particular event, you inform your boss that you intend to return in 2017.

If you’re nervous about new destinations — but you really want to tackle Challenge Vietnam — how about asking a running buddy to join you for this adventure so the two of you share this amazing adventure and all of the memories?

Aidan H.

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