Whether you read the Bible, the Qur’an, Vedas or Tibetan Book of the Dead, passages in each of these texts remind readers that while life may change dramatically from century to century, we can always count on just four seasons.

As sports enthusiasts, most of us are more likely to mark the passing of these seasons by the type of physical activities that fill our calendars—which is why the kick off of Singapore’s 2016 triathlon season is always newsworthy.

What better way to celebrate triathlon season than by engaging in the annual MetaSprint Series that runs between February and April? Don’t worry if you’ve missed the first; two other challenges await you!

What’s up with the MetaSprint Series?

If you somehow slept through the start of the 2016 MetaSprint Series, relax; we’ve got you covered. This multi-sport series, organised by MetaSport, is an exciting way to be introduced to the joy and excitement of competing in a variety of challenges that include more than one sport.

Whether you’re a cyclist, runner, swimmer or physical fitness buff, you’re invited to jump in and have a go at the 2016 competitions. We see you shaking your head—you’re fearful of being intimidated by super athletes with walls full of medals and trophies—but you couldn’t be more mistaken.

The MetaSprint Series is designed for everyday fitness enthusiasts longing to see how it feels to undertake multi-sporting challenges that are anything but intimidating. You’ll be in good company if you join in, so keep reading…

Who will you compete against?

Typically, about 5,000 athletes show up to test their mettle during this three-month-long endurance challenge. First held in 2008, MetaSprint was so enthusiastically received, 1,500 eager participants showed up for the first staging of this event. It’s since become a tradition each spring.

Join the fun and wind up in the company of people from all walks of life, both genders, all ages (kids and grandpas, too) and people who may never before have tackled this type of challenge.

Don’t be surprised to spot teams, schools and clubs joining the fray, and in the spirit of innovation, 2016 launches the Equalizer race pitting males against females in pursuit of the event’s Champion of Champions crown.

What do all of these participants have in common? Easy. Undaunted spirits and plenty of confidence.

Why you should join the fun!

It’s time to come out from behind your barbells, handlebars, goggles and wrist tracker device to see how it feels to pace yourself through a series of sporting trials that, in the end, offer the experience of a lifetime.

Take a page from the books of seasoned competitive athletes who show up to join the fun. They’re not at the MetaSprint to beat you; they’re testing their speed and endurance before high-profile competitions like the Bintan Triathlon and the Ironman 70.3 Bintan roll around.

Veteran triathletes are even happy to offer you advice, so don’t be afraid to ask. Be forewarned: you could spot little observers cheering you on as you compete alongside their parents.

Some are on hand to participate in their own events, and if they’re not intimidated, neither should you be.

How to get your feet wet

Sorry for the pun (since you may not wind up swimming first) but we want to make sure you’ve got the skinny on the MetaSprint Series so you know the score.

The February Aquathlon (swim-run) was held at Palawan Beach, Sentosa, a few weeks ago and it set the stage for the 20th March Duathlon (run-bike-run). You’ve got time to get in on this duathlon, set to be staged at the F1 Paddock.

Whether or not you sign up for the 20th March duathlon, you can still participate in the final event of the series: the triathlon (swim-bike-run), scheduled for 17 April. Learn how to get in on the action at the MetaSprint Series official site.

Bet you’re intrigued!

We have it on good authority that triathlon newcomers finish their first experiences in such a state of enthusiasm, they don’t want to see the MetaSprint Series to come to an end.

Don’t be surprised if you feel the same way, but finishing isn’t the only reward you can look forward to receiving: Accumulate points based on the number of events you engage in and your final point count gives you a series ranking that you can brag about throughout 2016.

As frosting on the cake, your participation in these events adds to the $40,000 in scholarship money being raised by Gems World Academy thanks to proceeds from this series of competitions. If that doesn’t motivate you, nothing will!

What scares you most about the idea of participating in a multi-sporting event like a triathlon—fear of intimidation, fear of success or an equally daunting type of anxiety?

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