As running shoe libraries go, New Balance’s Vazee 2016 fall introductions are positioned to strike a chord with brand fans and style fans alike.

Not satisfied to debut just one new member of the Vazee family, the Boston-based athletic shoe and gear company is poised to roll out triplets: The New Balance Vazee 2090, a second generation of the popular Vazee Pace v2, and for fans of the zippy Rush, you too can adopt the latest iteration: the Vazee Rush v2. What’s in a name? If it happens to be Vazee, count on these new styles to be traffic stoppers.

Meet the Vazee 2090

Even the name is futuristic, so expect your feet to fly across finish lines with great abandon wearing New Balance Vazee 2090 shoes. It’s no exaggeration that testers concluded that the 2090 takes speed to new heights, particularly for athletes who insist on seeing how far they can push their pace before their bodies call for a rest stop!

The New Balance Vazee 2090 retails for S$299.

Launched in late July 2016, this powerful shoe comes with a healthy price tag, but veteran runners won’t care the moment they experience for themselves performance that’s engineered to set timing records and personal bests.

For detail-minded geeks, precision engineering that went into the 2090 includes what New Balance calls “a unique coupling of N2, a nitrogen infused TPU, and REVlite.” Translation? The transformative midsole redesign will markedly change a runner’s underfoot impression, and the ¾-length N2 configuration is so light and comfy, runners might question the rugged, durable construction that underpins this clever shoe.

Precision flex grooves and midsole innovations could make you feel like a superhero — minus the ability to fly, of course; yet fly you will on the Vazee 2090 that has yet to meet a foot it couldn’t hug thanks to the space age material used to form the midfoot saddle.

It expands. It contracts. You might think you’re getting customised kicks when you see how the 2090 conforms to your foot and who are we to challenge your opinion?

Say Hello to the Vazee Pace v2

What’s the best part about being a second iteration shoe? Lessons learned. New Balance had already established its reputation as an award-winning athletic shoe maker when the original Pace hit the market, but subtle and not-so-subtle changes in the Pace could convince you to add a pair to your wardrobe, even if your original Paces are still in great shape. What’s new and improved? How much time do you have?

The New Balance Vazee Pace v2 retails for S$189.

With the July 2016 Pace v2 debut comes more advance features and benefits that are designed to boost your speed, enhance your performance, and deliver a whole new level of comfort and durability to your running experience.

Sceptical? Don’t be. The Pace v2 is now fabricated with the latest and greatest New Balance materials, including a midsole crafted of REVlite, known to deliver multiple benefits because this blown rubber compound is going to treat your forefoot like royalty.

Worried there’s been too many changes made to the Pace? Don’t be silly. Fans are going to enjoy the “same cherished fit,” so you might not even notice the stealthy improvements in the “breathable air mesh forefoot with no-sew overlays.”

The Pace v2 invites you to splay your toes to the max at toe off. Better notify them that a new experience awaits — or just let your toes find out for themselves the surprises that await them!

Introduce yourself to the Vazee Rush v2

As a runner, you’re always in a rush to get where you’re going on the track, trail or gym so it should come as no surprise that the inspiration behind the original Rush came from every runner’s need for speed.

The New Balance Vazee Rush v2 retails for S$169.

When New Balance debuts the Rush v2 in August 2016, the company won’t be shy about extolling the virtues of a shoe that feels as much at home on a trail as it does in a gym.

Yet, despite being the least expensive of the 2016 fall Vazee introductions, no compromises were made from drawing board to testing track.

Acquire the Rush v2 and prepare to be impressed the moment you sense the feel of the new midsole foam that’s so revolutionary, it even has its own name: Rapid Rebound. New Balance engineers say this springy yet sturdy composition is capable of injecting new levels of energy into a run thanks to enhanced rebound, and we’re not about to argue with them.

The midsole isn’t just energetic and comfortable: it features a flex and groove design that showcases the obsession New Balance engineers have for detail.

Does this mean the upper got short shrift because experts spent too much time on the sole?

Hardly. The 3-layer mesh weave used to manufacture the upper is the most responsive material on the athletic shoe scene. It expands and contracts for a custom feel and no-sew bootie construction does a super job of imitating the feel of a sock!

The deconstructed heel counter contributes to the Rush v2’s styling, so if you believe that New Balance is the leading authority on making great shoes greater, you could find the Vazee Rush v2 irresistible.

When a solid company like New Balance markets new versions of popular styles, are you so enamoured with the brand, you automatically reserve closet space for new introductions?

The New Balance Rush new Vazee collection is available at all New Balance experience stores, outlets and authorised retailers starting from July/August.

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