New Balance Launches Time Capsule Initiative: What Would You Tell Yourself?

by On Jan 23, 2017

Write a letter to your future self and New Balance will get it sent back in a year.

New Balance Launches Time Capsule Initiative: What Would You Tell Yourself?

"Every New Year represents a new beginning, a new opportunity for self-improvement and presents that iconic moment for athletes and individuals around the world to redefine personal ambitions, motivations and sense of purpose."

Global athletic leader - New Balance kicked off 2017 with an inspirational campaign that highlights how the goals and values of athletes drive their decisions and guide their journey through letters written to their future selves.

The campaign launch featured American middle distance runner - Boris Berian, and pro skater - Alexis Sablone. Tennis champion - Milos Raonic, will also be featured in the campaign starting 13 February 2017.

Chris Davis, New Balance Vice President of Global Marketing, said,

"At New Balance, our marketing is a reflection of our values, so we created the Letters to My Future Self campaign to showcase the true individuality, grit and unparalleled persona of our world class athletes. Through their own words, reflections and inner strength, they inspire athletes everywhere to unrelentingly pursue the best version of their future self.”

Featured Athletes

Through long and short form films available on the brand’s website and YouTube channels, the campaign captures the written messages and goals of athletes that focus on who they want to be in the future.

Boris Berian

Berian’s letter captures his journey from fast food to fast finishes appearing in the Men’s 800m final in the Olympics this past summer. Boris worked as a line cook as recently as 18 months ago, but never gave up on his dream or himself despite the struggles he faced in school, financially and with training. His beliefs transformed him from a fast food line cook to an Olympic finalist and World champion runner in just 18 months.

Alexis Sablone

Sablone, a gifted skateboarder, sees the world through a unique lens and fearlessly embraced that difference and made it her own which took her to the medal stand at the X games five times. She is also a MIT graduate/architect.

Milos Raonic

Raonic, a rising star in the global tennis circuit, uses the fire to win as a competitive advantage on the court and off fueling his 140+ mph serves. He is inspiring the next generation of athletes.

Other Global Athletes

Mini films on global athletes including runners - Ciara Mageean and Tom Barr, and tennis star - Nicole Gibbs, will highlight their aspirational stories through their own letters to their future selves.

Chris Davis, New Balance Vice President of Global Marketing, said,

“These films portray how overcoming obstacles both in sport and in life represent a transformative experience that can forever alter an athlete's journey and outlook for the future. What you would say to your future self is a powerful realization of your fears, values, ambitions and the type of person you want to become.”

How It Works

New Balance will offer a multi-dimensional “What would you tell yourself?” experience at their website where consumers can write their own letter to their future selves about aspirations in sport and life and the brand will send it back to them in one year through a unique time capsule initiative.

Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. Need more inspirations? Check out the 22 New Year's Resolutions for Runners To Have a Better Year. The change begins with you.

Yun Jie is a competitive athlete and coach who is actively involved in various sports at community and international levels. Through editorial writing, she hopes to positively influence and educate readers with her expertise and experience in high sports performance.

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